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How To Cheer Up Yourself

All of us have bad days.If someone’s day does not go well they tend to think that their life is worthless(some people think this way and some don’t).This is an absolutely wrong thinking and to let go of this YOU need to cheer yourself.So here are some tips you can use to brighten your day.


Not a new fact but meditation calms mind and relaxes the soul.You feel much lighter or less burdened after just 10 minutes of meditation.All you need to do is relax the mind,don’t think anything close your eyes and keep the flow like that for a certain time.

2.Re-organise your things

This is quite unexpected – to clean your room when you are in a bad mood! But…when you see things organised you feel much better.In fact if you have nothing to organise just organise yourself. Write down how you waste your time ,what all you want do,what brings you joy and then organise this list. It is a truly satisfying task.

3.Make a grateful list

Nothing much complicated about this…just write down what you are grateful for on a piece of paper or a notebook each time you feel you have no reason to smile.It will help you build up a happier mood which your soul was logging for.

4.Refresh some old memories

Grab that album which was covered in dust..flip through it…smile,laugh and enjoy watching the old memories. Else you can call people with whom you haven’t talked for days…try it!There is no harm in doing that.

5.Write a letter to your future self

If you have no one to share your  feeling with– WAIT! That’s not possible it is you who is always present for yourself. Write a letter to the future you…set a date when you want to open it…keep it safe. This is my favourite one because if I am shy to tell something to anybody else I can tell it to myself!

6.Try Doodling

IT HELPS A LOT! It is so fun to do there is nothing wrong or right in that and if your day was too blue you can add colours to give your stressed brain some rest.You can also try making random scribbles- modern art(you know).Or you can print some ready-made doodles and colour them.

7.Do a super cringy dance.

Pretty self-explanatory. Just lock the room and go in front of the mirror. Turn on the music and dance. It works best with people who DON’T know how to dance and…the writer(me) is one of them. Have a great time laughing at yourself!


A stressful day? Fight with someone? Lost a competition? Play some sleep music and lay down with a blank mind. Believe me it feels so much better after a 1-2 hour sleep. Your mind feels fresh and relaxed. Sweet dreams!!

Please let me know in the comments if I should make a part 2  on the same topic.

QUICK QUESTION – How well do you dance?

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