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The educated dumb

In this huge wide world there exist many creatures. Human is considered to be wisest of all because of their ability to interact and fulfill their needs and wants. Well these wise creatures are not doing so well now days. Breakout of a virus…. That stopped lives, wiped out many people and a lot are still suffering from it.

Educated Dumb

India for example has now stopped lockdown but the spread of this virus hasn’t. People need to be sensible and ensure their own safety.Risking your life for an evening walk is truly not appreciated.Our homes,our shields are perfect for maintaining your health.We are not having an access to gym’s,that doesn’t mean your dream of being muscular can’t be fulfilled.I will write a whole post on this topic but for now…let’s move on.

Online Shopping

It is very risky too,if you don’t follow the measures.Which are:

  • Leave the received package in the balcony/terrace for at least 2 days.
  • After 2 days well disinfect the package.
  • Avoid contact with the delivery person.
  • Wear a mask,no matter how short the distance is.


A topic on which people could debate for days..My point is:- HOW have we become so dependent on others?For senior citizens,it may be difficult but the youth can handle.And I mean to say the whole family should handle this situation together. It’s a different thing if you live alone.But just consider to save a few hours of yours, can you risk your life?To get a bit longer rest, would you agree to rest in peace?It’s not a matter of discriminating..the virus can be any and everywhere.And also precaution is better than cure.And now adding on another big issue-How will the maids survive without money?Don’t know how many people agree but in my opinion if you are privileged you should help the unprivileged.You can give them some money/ration for their livelihood.For sure it  is a choice…and it’s you who needs to choose,Risk life or Live life,both depend on you.

To summarise:There is no limit of dumbness/intelligence in this world.You need be your own saviour.Not everyone always is right,you need to choose what is right for you.And to survive now you need to be sensible,as anyone can be chosen.

You are welcome to share your views on this topic.Do comment your viewpoints…

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