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Plants Grow In My Mom’s Heart #1

Hey there,If you are a plant lover/love humour,this story is perfect for you…a lot of  things to chuckle on,a few places filled with sarcasm and some part of it with emotions.

Based on real life events(I’m taking like script writers…he-he).This story is too long to finish in one post…Anyways,let’s get started.
I am single child but always had to share my mother’s love with someone-her plants.It all started in the summers of 2018.My holiday homework of science,it said-collect pictures of rainbow plants…we missed reading the word ‘pictures’ and landed up at a nursery few miles away from our house..The first day we went there,they did not have half of the colours of the rainbow!So we bought 4 plants that day…one of them ,we were forced to buy A cactus because I accidentally fell on it and it broke..ouch…The only word I can think of when I remember this.It wasn’t fully broken though,and also it was yellow in colour which was kind of cool.

We were back home we did not have idea of where to keep the plants,so they all now settled in my room’s balcony,till now I didn’t have any problem with them unless was asked to water them daily!Well,now we were back at the nursery after a week or so..we were supposed to buy the remaining 3 plants(an unheard fact a rainbow has 7 colours …hehehe😂)as we already bought 4 but we ended up buying 7 plants that day,”ooh,look at this colour”;”ooh this one is for fresh air”…made us buy 11 plants in total. 

That’s it for this post…Thank you for reading!To Be Continued….

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