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Plants Grow In My Mom’s Heart #3

……”Perfect place for my plants.”,I said keeping them near the window.
Hello!Remember that line? Well if you don’t you haven’t read this series yet!

Part 1:-
Part 2:-

I did not even step off the bus while my mother starts the interrogation between the criminal and FBI. “Where are the plants?””You LOST them?””No, you forgot them in school?””You ate them?””Or you uprooted them and threw them off?””RELAX MOM!” I said it so loud even the people across the street gazed at me. And with an awkward grin on my face I mumbled to my mom. “I got selected for the science exhibition….The plants are in the science laboratory” . My mom’s face turned pale. I stayed quiet,cause if I uttered a single word….I wouldn’t be typing all this. My mom’s anger was represented by the lunch….BITTER GOURD! I am seriously not a fan of it. 
Let me fast forward——
Ok, one day left for the program. I was astonishingly selected for the speech in the english exhibition. During the recess I went to water the plants. My view point for them being cute,little,green beauties was eroded…they were no less than lunch spoilers. To my horror one of them started to dry out….but hey I watered them daily….(except weekends- I don’t want to spend my weekend at school!) I ended up giving those “uggh” plants all of my water. And I think the whole plant community stood up against me. That day I was welcomed by some GREEN VEGETABLES (shouldn’t I motivate people to eat healthy…ok my bad).
The day of the exhibition had arrived. My mom was on cloud nine she would be getting back the plants today.(Reading all this you must have known..that those plants made a special place in her heart OR what I think is they captured my place and threw me off.) My speech went well…at some point my science teacher came and told me a ghastly news that had ruined my meals for at least a month! That HONORABLE chief guest liked 2 plants and my RESPECTED school gave it to them! Well this wasn’t enough…Those 2 plants were my mom’s favourites. My school returned the rest 5 plants along with 2 empty flower pots…oh those sweet thoughts in my mind for my RESPECTED school and the HONORABLE chief guest…….TO BE CONTINUED

Like I said this is a pretty long story…but wait this will take at least 3 more posts😀

Stay tuned to know what happens next!

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