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Plants Grow In My Mom’s Heart Part#2

First of all if you haven’t read the first part I’m offended…..No..😜 please read it. Link given below👇

Where did we end? Yah we ended up 10 plants in total. Now we were falling short of space as my balcony was already full with six plants. So we shifted them into the main balcony, which was much bigger than the previous one. A week for the school to reopen,the plants were too heavy for me to lift up and also they were very delicate,I couldn’t carry them in the bus,so a platform was prepared for them. Made out of thermocol and a curtain rod…it was much easier to carry now. The school reopens… everybody was staring at me and my plants. A dozen of people pointed out that you were supposed to stick pictures and not collect real plants. Embarrassed me, thinking of that nursery and the little plants who occupied their own sweet space in the classroom.

The time had come to submit our projects….when I went to the teacher carrying the plants and a fear of doing the project again she said “Wow this is very nice.. I am selecting this for the exhibition.”I was confused I really had no idea of what happened!Now my dear plants begin their journey to the science lab. Thankfully there was a window through which a narrow beam of sunlight was passing through. “Perfect place for my plants” ,I said keeping them near the window. 

I am ending this post now.Stay tuned!TO BE CONTINUED….

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