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The Unwanted Race

Our school organised trials for the sports event that was going to be held next month.I am interested in running,so I too went for the trials.

Everyone(during the trials) looked very intense…I had a very strong feeling that I am unprepared.The race started.I ran pretty well,I seriously closed my eyes while reaching the finish line and had no idea of who won.Suddenly my sports teacher pulled my arm and asked my name…I literally forgot my name at the moment…she gave me a shake..I said “Akriti”. She wrote my name in the column of the selected participants.While going back to my class people said to me”Well done”.I didn’t even know which position I secured,so I asked my friend, she said”You were first in your team!”.My confused face lit up.I was pretty happy now.

A week before the event

Me and my team was having a practice session with other teams to decide who is going to run in which race,there were 3 categories- 100 m race, 200 m race, Relay race.I went for the first 2 races,this time I looked over confident and I lost both the races from the other teams.Now for the relay race my team members kicked me out before I could even raise my hand.”Poor me”…I said to myself.

On the day of the of the event 

 I was sitting with my friends as we had a mass drill ahead,one of my team mate came running to me and said “you need to participate in the relay race.”I gave a blank response .She continued speaking “the girl who had to take the lead hasn’t come today”.I got excited but then they were the ones who kicked me out…I said “NO”.She kept asking me and the frustrated me said Yes,but I was wearing sandals(for the drill) how would I even be able to run in them…
After thinking for sometime “My Mama !”I exclaimed,” she must be in the audience wearing shoes,our size is also same!”.It took me an hour finding my mom….15 minutes were left to the race.I looked at her feet and guess what-SHE WAS WEARING HIGH HEELS!I ran back to my team mates told them this and had to run in my sandals,which were at least better than heels.Surprisingly I ran well, but one of my team mate fell,due which we secured the second last position…YAY!…as we were expecting to be the last ones.

Many of us may face an unwanted situation like this and we may feel awkward or annoying at the moment but you will surely get a topic to laugh on later in life.

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