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Quotes by me

Hi all!

So…I am a quote addict.

In my previous posts I told quotes by different people BUT today the writer is me!

Okay, first of all how did I get this idea?

So, a friend of mine(Manasvi) is too much into creative works….Poems, stories, singing, jokes and lots of stuff!

So a few weeks ago…I read her quotes. And believe me they were so good!

One of the quotes Manasvi wrote

See….deep right!

Man! I was inspired….so a few a quotes by me are presented in this post. Enjoy reading them!

Quote 1
Quote 2
Quote 3
Quote 4
Quote 5

Sorry for interrupting….But Gosh! This takes too much thinking! It’s so relieving to express your feelings on certain things! Now the question arises “How did I make these?”

The Web! There are thousands of applications and most are free…so in your free time you can make your own quotes/lay down your thoughts and share them with your family and friends.

Quote 6
Quote 7
Quote 8
Quote 9
Quote 10

So, these were some of the quotes made by be….If you like them do tell in the comments section, I can make more of these posts!

Till then, Thank you for reading! See you soon with another post.


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