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Something That Life Taught Me

Something that life taught me
Something every day I see
Something I always faced
Something that didn’t match my pace

Ego that’s one
Arrogance, I’m done
Gluttony, Can’t be left out
Competition, That’s what makes me shout

But, How?
It’s not possible!
In all these the world abides
And if I don’t…I’ll be left out with tears and fright.

This and much more
Modern world’s daily chores
Can’t we stop?
People are hurt too much
Ain’t this the limit?
Nah! Not for us

Something that life taught me,
People do change
Something that life taught me,
This competition would be in Vain

One thing I won’t forget
Life is fake
One day in another world
I’ll be happy after forgiving my own mistakes

One day when I will be lying in a grave
Or would be nothing but ashes
Everything my life taught me.


Wow! Intro in the end!
Welcome to my blog if you are new!
You’ll find random topics in my blog but trust me they will help either to cheer your mood or motivate you or anything else!…..Your happiness level might rise with me!

Do share your understandings on the Poem.

Thanks for reading!


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