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WiFi or Water?

Hello all! So in this post I have a short story (written by me ) containing a big message for you all .
Hope you like it 🙂
So here is the story.

While in a meeting to reconnect with school friends, Ian asked two of his companions a random question, as he was used to bring up random topics.
“What would you guys choose WiFi or water?”
They answered swiftly and their answers were different.
Friend 1 answered,
“I would choose water, as water will give me energy to work and keep me hydrated, if I work hard I will be paid and then I can easily purchase Wi-fi.”
While this is what friend 2 said,
“I’ll choose wi-fi, as we work online nowadays wifi is necessary. So after working I will be paid and with that money I can purchase water.”
Now both try to justify their point and start debating.
Confused Ian thinking who is correct in this scenario?!

So by this short story I wanted to convey that we should respect each other’s viewpoint as in someway or the other they may have a valid point too! Remember there can be more than one solution for a problem. Different people have different views ….as we don’t know their justification we are no one to prove them wrong.

This is done on a daily basis by everyone mostly by people who are disdainful and feel that they are superior than others.
And manier times this is the reason of big conflicts.
We need to understand others view cause we can’t always be correct 🙂

With this note I am ending this post.

I won’t upload any post till 3 October

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