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Is it me?

I said I’ll write another post on 3rd October.
But the craving of writing didn’t leave me πŸ˜‰

So here is a poem by me….enjoy reading it!

Is it my thoughts?
Or is it me?
Am I always wrong?
Well yes you see.

Why am I so lost?
So dreamy…
Even when people abuse me,
It looks like I am sleepy

Well maybe that is what god wants
To suppress me
What am I good at?
Nothing completely.

I can’t judge people
Nor I can cheat
I stay silent
But my heart just screams

I’m clueless
Cause it ain’t my fault
Maybe I am just a wounded person
On whom you are sprinkling salt.

I try to convey
With all my heart I say
I’m more than this
Don’t judge me please

Oh! I got it!
It’s not me
Neither my thoughts
They are sanct you see

No, it ain’t God
He didn’t suppress me
Undiscovered yet
I’ll be the UNIQUE me.

You can’t call me dumb
Nor you can say I’m broke
You don’t know how rich I am
With my dear ones support

Yeah, I’m humble
That’s why I don’t cheat
I stay silent
Cause I don’t want conflicts to meet

So in the end
Who are you to justify
That I’m wrong or right
So, just shut up!
I’ll bid you goodbye πŸ™‚

-Akriti Β©

Hope you liked it πŸ™‚

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