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How is the future?

Well, this was a quote I planned for my series “Quotes by me” but I thought that this quote could be a topic on which I can write a separate post! (Well….actually I was so blank about what to write so I am writing this 😂) Now stories aside let’s start off!

So what meaning does this quote share with you?

For me it’s that our thinkings mend our future.
To elaborate, if you think that the next day will be bad….you will feel unpleasant for the next day!

As we yet don’t know what the future will be, thinking for it is just useless.
For instance if I say that I will never be successful, it might not be true but still I will feel bad. Until that moment arrives I will feel insecure.

So being pointlessly worried for the future is none of use. Focus on the present….solve the real problems you face right now….rather than thinking of what you will face in the future.

Do share your views on this topic. Stay tuned, Thanks for reading and Bye!

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  1. God bless you for reblogging!we are trying to get the International court of justice and the United Nations to get on board. So please keep sharing, have your guys help reblog as well. God bless you

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