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A normal Prayer

Hi, this post is made all of a sudden. Let’s look upon some prayer types. So imagine a little boy praying for his mother to recover as she was ill.

Prayer type 1
God, please help my mom recover. Please! I won’t eat chocolates for a whole week! I pray daily , but still you don’t favour me! Once again please help her recover.

Prayer type 2
Why me?! Always, all bad happens to me! The life you gave me God, is totally unfair! All others who have no problems why don’t you go play with their emotions? Am I the only person whom you long to punish?!

Prayer type 3
O God, thank you for everything. You already owe me a ton! But I want you to help my mom recover. I know all the moments I have are there for a cause but I’m feeling lonely without my cheerful mom. I know you have heard my prayers and surely will do something. Once again Thank you for everything!

These prayers are pretty self explanatory.
Which one sounds more appealing?

The 1st one wants God to accomplish a task and puts a condition.
The 2nd one has a complaining tone.
The 3rd one is humble.

And due to obvious reasons the humble one sounds appealing!

Well, I’m ending the post.
Stay tuned and share your views.

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