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My Five Fav Songs

I am a lifestyle blogger and lifestyle is the rarest topic you will find here!
See, unique right😂

So here is something related to lifestyle finally!

I’m a music lover and personally I feel music can sooooooth any and everyone.

Monkey Listening Music Funny Gif
I couldn’t resist adding this GIF😂

In this post I’m gonna mention my five favourite songs in the month of October. (My taste changes too quickly)

These songs are pleasing for me….You may not like them. That’s fine all are different, so please don’t be harsh with me in the comments.
Do tell me in the comments if you like any of these songs!
Also most of them are pop songs.

  1. Wide Awake – Katy Perry
    It’s true corona made old songs even better! The 8 year old song is on the top of my playlist!
    Youtube link to the Official Video
  2. Dernière Danse – Indila
    Yes, we have a french song in the list! I just love Indila’s voice and moreover as it became the theme song of Joker it sounds even better.
    Youtube link to the Official Video
  3. Genie in a bottle – Dove Cameron
    This song is actually a cover by the famous disney artist – Dove Cameron, it was originally sung by Christina Aguilera. It’s just lovely!
    Youtube link to the Official (cover) Video
  4. You Belong with me – Taylor swift
    This song had crossed a decade but still is so beautiful!
    Youtube link to the Official Video
  5. Tears of Gold – Faouzia
    The lyrics are just heart touching! It’s a must hear from my side!
    Youtube link to the Official Video

Bye For now!
See you soon with another Post!

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