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I was quite unsure about what to do in this post…..well, a few hours of thinking and below given is what I came up with.

A question first!

Name any one thing which, according to you is unpredictable.
Answers in the comments!

So, do you know what is going to happen tomorrow morning at 7:00 am?
Well, I know it! My alarm is going to ring up😂
Jokes aside….No. No one knows what is going to happen the next moment!

For instance,
I planned to celebrate my birthday in the best way possible this year. I had my plans ready but duh! Corona…..
Now, here my expectations were high and I predicted my birthday to be the best, but in a situation where thousands die daily….how could I be happy! (Although I was quite happy…..ughh!This is confusing. Let’s just move on!)

Another example,
Me and my brother were trying to get fit. (I guess I’m not the only one who has gained weight during lockdown.😂) We decided to cycle everyday after procrastinating for 3 or 4 days, we finally decided that no matter what happens we will go to cycle tomorrow. And the next day, my father was declared covid positive. (He is completely fine now) So our decision of cycling was now in vain.

Both incidents actually happened with me. Do share your experiences in the comments too.


Keeping expectations for the unpredictable is of no point.
Making promises or decisions for the unpredictable is of no point.
Being worried for the unpredictable is of no point.

So, I guess I should end this post…..
See you soon with another post, till the byee!

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