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Let’s not humiliate the Veggies

This is sort of a “Tips” post. Plus I’ll too apply these tips for the betterment of my lifestyle. Hope it will help you too! 🙂

Yay! I’m sticking to the schedule, hope this continues.

I don’t know about you but I’m not so interested in veggies, and I am sure I’m not alone in this list….
Not to forget how tempted most of us are towards ‘Junk Food”.
On the other hand we when our mothers force us be like….

Healthy + Happy

Knowing that vegetables are the best source of vitamins, minerals and fibres, we still avoid eating them. Is there some way we can trick ourselves to feed on these veggies?
Yes, I have a short “tips” list which may help you trick your mind and most of all eat vegetables.

Tip 1
Read articles about the negative effects of junk food.
This will surely have a effect on your mind and it would encourage you to eat healthy. One-Two articles per day, at least for a week. After some time you will start avoiding junk food because the thoughts about junk food’s negativity would be in your mind whenever you want to eat it.

Tip 2
Maintain a daily record of what all you ate.
Have an old notebook or a diary you never used? Perfect time to take it out!
Write what you had for each meal of the day. Continue to do this for a few weeks. If you’ve ate more of junk food then be alerted, try and improve next week. Do this until you reach to a point when you didn’t have junk food for a whole week!
Given below is a printable you can use, made by my dear friend, Dia. (Thank you Dia😇🤗)You can download it….there is a preview given just below.

Download it by the button given below!

I too tried making a printable but…….it’s just…..Fine! See it yourself!

Uhm…you can go with dia’s

Tip 3
Collide your favourite food with veggies(or some healthy stuff)!
Like noodles? Add all types of vegetables in it!
Like burgers? Remove the mayonnaise and sauces and add vegetables like corn. (no harm in trying something new..)
Cauliflower Pizza…..Heard of this?
Go on there are a thousand of combinations you can try!

Tip 4
There are so many tasty things you can swap. Scroll down there is table of some swaps given.

Some Healthy Swaps!
White breadBrown Bread
Ice CreamsFruit Salad (With some spices!)
Regular oils ( bad for health)Olive Oil
ChipsBanana Chips

For sure there are more swaps! Comment down below if you know any.

Tip 5
Don’t fall for cheat days.
You need to properly balance your food intake. Try all these tips to fall in love with veggies, so that you never require a cheat day!

So, did/will these tips help you? If you have more tips surely comment them! I’ll too use them in my daily lifestyle.

Food Fitness Sticker by Capivarinha for iOS & Android | GIPHY
#Love Veggies!

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Also thank you all for 40 followers and 200 likes on my blog! I’m soooo happy! BTW I got this notification few days back, sorry for informing late.

Once again thank you Dia for the printable! Be sure to trace your daily meals in it!
See you on Monday with another post! It would be a tag….remember Monday= tags.
(It would be great if you could drop some suggestions for moi!)
Till then….Byee!

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