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Diwali to be blamed for severe AQI?

If you are living in India then you must have been knowing that India has a lot of pollution, which indeed is bad.

Just a few samples given above which state that India is very polluted. Now look at this heading.

Well, people blame Diwali to be the major reason of the pollution!
“So, Diwali is the major reason of pollution in India na?! That’s why we blame it to be so!”
– Nopes. Lemme ELABORATE.

The pollution remains the same even during summers!
In winters the cold air settles low, near to the ground and warm air rises up, this causes smoke and makes our visibility low.
Now, people state this smoke to be pollution and also they say that this pollution is caused by diwali.
No, diwali is not the only reason, look at this chart.

Air Pollution - Stellar IAS Academy

Don’t wanna ask Diwali’s contribution in this pollution?
It’s 0.07% ! It’s just 0.07%

No less communities want Indian practices to be looked down upon.
“न्यू ईयर के पातको से ऑक्सीजन निकलता है” A joke for my Indian friends!
If you are one of those people who alone travel in big cars but say Diwali is bad as it causes pollution, hope you guys got what I meant to say.
Also, I agree that diwali causes pollution, be it a tiny portion only, try not to burst crackers. Let’s celebrate the festival of lights with Diya’s and happiness. Also Rangoli’s!

diya.gif (180×180) | Diwali gif, Diwali festival of lights, Happy diwali  images

Plus, I wanted to take a small Diwali break, so no post this Monday. See you on Friday with another Post!

At last lemme wish everyone,

Best Diwali GIFs | Gfycat

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