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Hey Guis!
(Ok….I understand the weirdness of this intro but you gotta do with it now onwards.)
I’m just so sorry I forgot to upload in the morning! I completely forgot that it’s a Friday😅😅

As the realization dawns of me not posting any life story, my fingers now start moving on my lappu (Laptop) writing a moment of my life. In other words, A life story….Yay!

As usual this would be a short post. I feel people get bored while reading long posts. I thought of writing the last part of Plants Grow in my Mom’s heart but……Do people like that series? Anyways, the last part is coming soon.

Uhm talking about this story……
Not many days ago, I came up to show my cooking skills with 2 eggs and a pan. Actually my mom cooked Spinach which I really hate!!

So, I decided to make my own omelet and munch it with some Flat Breads. I got all my “ingredients” ready.
A normal Person – “But duh! You just need some spices, eggs and oil to make an omelet!”
Ok….ok….I have the habit of exaggerating, coming back to the topic.
I pre-heated the pan and after some time added some oil. Now, the problem was I added too much of oil, I was afraid of the fact that if I call my mom I’ll have to deal with spinach.
So, I grabbed a spoon and accidently dropped it. (Expected from me…) I rushed to the sink and washed it.
Then I take the WET spoon to the HOT oil and SPLASH!

Oil was all over the place and some drops even on my hand and oh! That crackling noise!
Well, I ended up having Spinach that day.

So the moral of the story is :-
Never use a WET spoon with HOT oil.

As and when I’m rarely tagged by anyone so maybe Monday will be a proper post too.

Also an announcement, soon I’ll be posting my own tag! Stay tuned for it!

Bye for now!
See you soon with another post!

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