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For Moi

Hello Guis! (I don’t know why I use this intro?!)

I’m soo nervous for this post…Hoping this becomes a success! (Fingers Crossed🤞🏼🤞🏼). This is the first TAG I have ever released!
I’ll be telling stuff about this tag in this post. Please read till the end and take up this tag! It will mean a lot to me!

What is this tag about?

We maintain a fake image on social media. And I think all will agree with this. It’s not our fault though, we do it to avoid criticism and hate, but deep inside the fakeness doesn’t feel right. Whenever you fill your bio or tell someone about yourself, you mention all the good things. No one likes to mention their imperfections. This tag will help you to post something that’s not fake, something that’s for yourself!

What should your post be like?

While making the post keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Give a link to my post for more people to know about this tag. You need to mention any of your 3 imperfections and a situation which made you feel insecure/guilty. There more people like you sharing the same imperfections. The most important thing is you need to mention “No one is perfect and I’m no exception“.

How many people can you tag?

You need to tag 7 or more bloggers/people. There is no maximum limit. Remember that you can’t tag the creator or the person who tagged you.

These were some questions that may arise while doing the tag. If any queries don’t hesitate to contact in the comments.
Let me provide the basic rules for this tag.


  1. Display the logo of this tag and the rules on your post.
  2. Thank the person who tagged you.
  3. Give a link to the original post.
  4. Mention 3 imperfections about yourself and also mention a situation which made you feel insecure/guilty.
  5. Very IMPORTANT –> You need to mention “No one is perfect and I’m no exception“.
  6. Tag 7 or more people.


Let me give a try on my own tag!

My three Imperfections

  1. I try to be tidy but I’m an untidy person. My desk is a real mess! Thanks to my mom without her I would be living in pile of junk😂
  2. I waste a lot of my time and I am sort of unproductive. I spend hours on YouTube and Prime! I really wanna be productive but it doesn’t work well with me.
  3. I’m not good at cooking. I really mess up with food! If you’ve read my post “Splash!” you might know about it.

My insecurity

I used to have this skin problem called “warts” in class 3rd. I really didn’t mind back then but as I grew to be more conscious in class 5th I felt vey insecure about my looks. We had the proper treatment on since class 3rd only. We(My mom and I) consulted many doctors and even landed up with frauds.(I can make a whole post on this! Ok, if I get 30 likes on this post I’ll make the post regarding this!) At last we met a homeopathic doctor and she cured it! I was just sooo happy! But….no sooner I became a teen and “Acne”. I’m still trying to get rid of it! But I think there more like me with these skin issues. So if you ever see someone’s pic with a skin like PLASTIC then duh, it’s fake!

The most important line!
No one is perfect and I’m no exception

People I tag.

  1. Nehal @Books and Words
  2. akshita @akshita1776
  3. Refreshingmingle @RefreshingMingle
  4. Tiction @Fictionally Crazy
  5. Sabrina @Girl Chat💭💛
  6. Chocoviv @Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog
  7. Ena @Pretty, Plus and Proud
  8. Soni @Soni’s thoughts (I know she is on a break but she would do it later ….I guess)
  9. Sudarshan Paliwal @SUDARSHAN PALIWAL
  10. Potterheadaanya @Soaring Firebolt
  11. Safa Sherin @POETIC_HEART
  12. YOU!
    It’s a tag I personally want all to attempt! But no pressure, if you can’t do it there is no problem😊

Let me bring this post to an end. I hope you guys give this tag a try! I’ll be super happy if you do so!
Loads of love….Thanks for reading!
Seen you soon with another post!
Till then ,Bye!


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  1. Atty, congratulations on the tag ah!
    And thank you so much for tagging me!
    I’ll try to do a post about it, but if I can’t for some reason, I’ll tell the answers on the comments!
    Hope that works well for ya!

    Liked by 1 person

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