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Plants Grow in my mom’s heart COMPILED

Hey guis!
The compilation is out as promised! This is basically all the 6 parts together.
This is sort of humorous and oh! It will be too sarcastic.

I am single child but always had to share my mother’s love with someone-her plants. It all started in the summers of 2018.My holiday homework of science, it said-collect pictures of rainbow plants…we missed reading the word ‘pictures’ and landed up at a nursery few miles away from our house. The first day we went there, they did not have half of the colours of the rainbow! So we bought 4 plants that day…one of them ,we were forced to buy A cactus because I accidentally fell on it and it broke. Ouch! The only word I can think of when I remember this. It wasn’t fully broken though, and also it was yellow in color which was kind of cool.

We were back home we did not have idea of where to keep the plants, so they all now settled in my room’s balcony, till now I didn’t have any problem with them unless was asked to water them daily! Well, now we were back at the nursery after a week or so…we were supposed to buy the remaining 3 plants(an unheard fact a rainbow has 7 colours…hehe😂)as we already bought 4 but we ended up buying 7 plants that day, ”ooh, look at these colours” ; ”ooh this one is for fresh air”…made us buy 11 plants in total. 

Now we were falling short of space as my balcony was already full with six plants. So we shifted them into the main balcony, which was much bigger than the previous one. A week for the school to reopen, the plants were too heavy for me to lift up and also they were very delicate, I couldn’t carry them in the bus, so a platform was prepared for them. Made out of thermocol and a curtain rod…it was much easier to carry now. The school reopens… everybody was staring at me and my plants. A dozen of people pointed out that you were supposed to stick pictures and not collect real plants. Embarrassed me, thinking of that nursery and the little plants who occupied their own sweet space in the classroom.

The time had come to submit our projects….when I went to the teacher carrying the plants and a fear of doing the project again she said “Wow this is very nice.. I am selecting this for the exhibition. ”I was confused I really had no idea of what happened! Now my dear plants begin their journey to the science lab. Thankfully there was a window through which a narrow beam of sunlight was passing through. “Perfect place for my plants” ,I said keeping them near the window. 

I did not even step off the bus while my mother starts the interrogation between the criminal and FBI. “Where are the plants?
You LOST them?!
No, you forgot them in school !
You ate them?!
Or you uprooted them and threw them off?

”RELAX MOM!” I said it so loud even the people across the street gazed at me. And with an awkward grin on my face I mumbled to my mom. “I got selected for the science exhibition….The plants are in the science laboratory” . My mom’s face turned pale. I stayed quiet, cause if I uttered a single word….I wouldn’t be alive to type all this. My mom’s anger was represented by the lunch….BITTER GOURD! I am seriously not a fan of it. 

Let me fast forward——
Ok, one day left for the program. I was astonishingly selected for the speech in the English exhibition. During the recess I went to water the plants. My view point for them being cute, little, green beauties was eroded…they were no less than lunch spoilers. To my horror one of them started to dry out….but hey I watered them daily….(except weekends- I don’t want to spend my weekend at school!) I ended up giving those “uggh” plants all of my water. And I think the whole plant community stood up against me. That day I was welcomed by some GREEN VEGETABLES (shouldn’t I motivate people to eat healthy…ok my bad).

The day of the exhibition had arrived. My mom was on cloud nine she would be getting back the plants today.(Reading all this you must have known. That those plants made a special place in her heart OR what I think is they captured my place and threw me off.) My speech went well…at some point my science teacher came and told me a ghastly news that had ruined my meals for at least a month! That HONORABLE chief guest liked 2 plants and my RESPECTED school gave it to them! Well this wasn’t enough…Those 2 plants were my mom’s favorites. My school returned the rest 5 plants along with 2 empty flower pots…oh those sweet thoughts in my mind for my RESPECTED school and the HONORABLE chief guest.

I thought my mom would be a red ball of fire….but when I told this to her at the bus stop she was quiet, she said nothing…well that should be a good sign for me but uh-oh not at home….I think mom gave the part of scolding for school and chief guest to me. Mama just went like:-

“How can your school give my plants without asking me?”
“And that chief guest….how can he even ask for taking my plants!”
“They were my plants!”
“Wait a minute how could you say that there is no problem”

As per me if there were an option, mom would for sure go to the chief guests house and bring them back, but for obvious reasons she didn’t do so….talking about my lunch….I don’t really think anybody will be interested in knowing this cause I don’t really remember the name….all I know that it was healthy and piquant(not for me at least)

This continued for at least a month….till then my mom was also gifted a plant, she liked it a lot!

Dad was out of station for some work…me and mom were having a movie night, her anger went really low after getting that new plant….while we were watching the movie her friend called her and after an hour or so when we were finally going to continue watching the movie mom could smell something burning….as we lead our way to the balcony the iron handle seemed to be very hot!

We changed our decision and thought to peek through the window….all I could see was blazing fire….anybody could get panicked in this state and so did we….she grabbed my hand and ran so fast, we live on the 6th floor and the massive fire was spread on the 4th floor right beneath us.

Waiting for the firemen to come ASAP and extinguish the fire….all people were notified by my mom and a few other neighbours…while in the background I was “SCREAMING” and saying “Why is this fire alarm here?!” Why aren’t we breaking it?!” A wonderful response by all the adults (P.S I was ignored).

After some time we headed to the ground floor….believe me the smoke was killing me! Each person coughed at the moment ! Well…someone else was more hurt and panic-stricken than me…my mom…for her plants….well at that moment I too felt bad for them.

The 4th floor with blazing fire the 5th with fire and sparks and our floor with black smoke and too much to handle heat. Umm…That was a terrible experience!

My mom didn’t panic or maybe tried not to panic…..well…well…even after 20 MINUTES no sign of the fire brigade….and the fire didn’t really seem to stop…after 10 more minutes…they finally came!

While they were on their mission my mom was on her….she called my aunt and asked me to be beside her while she goes for a mission…to see her plants! See those thingys were HEAVY….so I specifically didn’t mention ‘save’,also after burning for half an hour…there is no hope for any to be alive.

After a few moments of grief sorrow I consoled her…while she gazed at me with teary eyes.

Umm…our balcony was completely BLACK! Not to forget the plants….Oh boy! Only HALF a plant was alive! Like only HALF….the other half was in ashes too.

So, after 2 or 3 months of regretting things were back to normal. The normal everyday chores, work and hustle bustle.
All of a sudden mom got the idea of buying more plants….again!!
This was moreover a monthly routine now!

Mom buys plants—->Something happens to them—–>Mom gets angry—->Everything is normal—-> Mom again buys plants!

No sooner, Once again, for the 3rd time! We landed at the nursery.

While mom was selecting her dearies…. I was spending some quality times with the fantabulous bugs and insects! Let me mention I got almost 4-5 bug bites at the nursery.

Mom and me returned with some new “plants”. And then……then what?! Remember the cycle? Yep, something happened to them!
The area where I live has thousands of pigeons and Mainas. What next?
The birds started to feed on mom’s lovely darlings. And by now you must know who are mom’s “lovely darlings”.
Everyday she would spend time to search for life hacks to shoo off the birds!
None of them worked….. After some days a pigeon did something, which we really didn’t expect!

Most of you must have guessed it already! Yes! It laid an EGG! Not much of a problem right? BUT, it laid an egg on my mom’s favorite plant! (Who said Global Warming is a bigger problem than this!?)

Now, her mommy senses start to show up!
My Mom :- “No I can’t throw this egg! What will the pigeon go through when she can’t see her egg!”
Also my Mom :- ” But these plants are more than children to me! If I let the egg stay then how will I water them!”
Me :- Right! More than children! 😑😑

Sarcastic GIFs | Tenor

And at last the egg ended up somewhere, faaaar awaaay from the balcony.

Few more “Peaceful” days. (Bruh, I’m being super sarcastic! As it was just my mom searching for more hacks to keep those pigeons away!)

No sooner are balcony started stinking like a sock which hasn’t been washed in a decade!
Mmm-hmm it’s another group of pigeons! (A mommy pigeon, a daddy pigeon and 2 eggs)
Thankfully the eggs were laid somewhere in the corner! Phew! Her plants were safe. Else, I would have to deal with the drama!

She didn’t have much issues with the egg.
One of them got spoilt, and the other one came out of it’s shell! It was sooo tiny! Hiding behind it’s mother though.
I believe I still have it’s picture! The pic is very unclear, but please bare with it.

When it’s mama was sitting on it!
When the baby grew a bit old

And Oh! If you are wondering about the Corn Flakes bowl lying around…..We used to give them water in it.
One fine day the mother pigeon and the father pigeon were off. We didn’t see them again and soon the pigeon grew big and mom shooed it off so that she can clean the mess the pigeons made🤣🤣.

We soon added a net to our balcony. No more pigeons! And yay! A happy ending for mom! Except the fact that I was humiliated the most in this series. 🤣

The End

As you know I’ll be posting the pics of the plants on Instagram. Be sure to check it out!

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