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Plants grow in my Mom’s Heart (End)

Hey Guis!

This story is finally coming to an end. I will post a compilation of all parts just after this post. So, if you want to read it from the start you can do it conveniently.

Just to jog on your memory lane let’s look at the last line.
“After some days a pigeon did something, which we really didn’t expect!”

Most of you must have guessed it already! Yes! It laid an EGG! Not much of a problem right? BUT, it laid an egg on my mom’s favorite plant! (Who said Global Warming is a bigger problem than this!?)

Now, her mommy senses start to show up!
My Mom :- “No I can’t throw this egg! What will the pigeon go through when she can’t see her egg!”
Also my Mom :- ” But these plants are more than children to me! If I let the egg stay then how will I water them!”
Me :- Right! More than children! 😑😑

Sarcastic GIFs | Tenor

And at last the egg ended up somewhere, faaaar awaaay from the balcony.

Few more “Peaceful” days. (Bruh, I’m being super sarcastic! As it was just my mom searching for more hacks to keep those pigeons away!)

No sooner are balcony started stinking like a sock which hasn’t been washed in a decade!
Mmm-hmm it’s another group of pigeons! (A mommy pigeon, a daddy pigeon and 2 eggs)
Thankfully the eggs were laid somewhere in the corner! Phew! Her plants were safe. Else, I would have to deal with the drama!

She didn’t have much issues with the egg.
One of them got spoilt, and the other one came out of it’s shell! It was sooo tiny! Hiding behind it’s mother though.
I believe I still have it’s picture! The pic is very unclear, but please bare with it.

When it’s mama was sitting on it!
When the baby grew a bit old

And Oh! If you are wondering about the Corn Flakes bowl lying around…..We used to give them water in it.

One fine day the mother pigeon and the father pigeon were off. We didn’t see them again and soon the pigeon grew big and mom shooed it off so that she can clean the mess the pigeons made🤣🤣.

We soon added a net to our balcony. No more pigeons! And yay! A happy ending for mom! Except the fact that I was humiliated the most in this series🤣🤣.

The End

I’ll be posting the pics of the plants on Instagram. Be sure to check it out!

Compilation will be out TODAY only! If you are eager to read it from the start follow me so that you get it right in your WP reader page! If you enjoyed reading do like this post👍🏼. Eager to know your thoughts in the comments!

I don’t really write much for the outro but…..Idk what happens to me sometimes😂

See you soon with the compilation!
Till then,

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