The memez tag!

Hey guis!
Here I am finally up with the memez tag!
I’m just sooo thankful to Nehal @Books and Words and Tiction @Fictionally Crazy for tagging me! (Go and check out their blogs. They are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E)
EDIT —> Thanks to Avishi @Schreibens from AVISHI for tagging me as well! (Her blog is awesome! Do check it out!)
And of course let’s take a moment to appreciate Aaliya @Aaliya’s Nook for making this fun tag!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the photo of the tag
  3. Add a meme for all the topics given(the nominees can take any topic)
  4. Nominate minimum 5 bloggers
  5. Add the link of the creator( i.e Aaliya’s Nook)
  6. And Don’t forget to put the following tags: #thememeztag, #amemeforeverything

And this tag reminded me of a time when I used to pronounce “meme” as “maymay “🤣🤣

One more thing pls don’t be angry with me if I use more than one meme😅😅 (Inspired by tiction)

Let’s begin with the PROMPTS!

This shouldn’t be difficult

Harry Potter Memes - Home | Facebook
Don’t tell me this isn’t funny!

A Wizarding Collection Of Harry Potter Memes - No Respect | Memes


This can be counted as bookish… (I guess)

Just for Fun: Bookish Memes 2.0 | In Love & Words


Before I move on….guis, please take care! It’s so unsafe out there. Won’t repeat the same guidelines again but please #staysafe.

Politically Incorrect Humor Politically Incorrect Humor in 2020 |  Politically incorrect humor, Funny memes about girls, Funny memes tumblr

Corona Virus Funny Memes & Corona Virus Funny Whatsapp Messages 2020


Funny Animal Memes - Home | Facebook

39 Funny Animal Memes That Are Impawsible Not To Laugh At


Spooky meme 3 by Huenimations on DeviantArt

Sorry couldn’t find a second one for this.


Lisa Simpson Ice Cream Cone Meme Template

Arthur With Headphones Meme Template


Math Memes - Our Favourite Subject - Maths

Math, my favourite subject | /r/memes | Know Your Meme


Irony Memes. Best Collection of Funny Irony Pictures

Irony - MEME, LOL and Funny Pictures. Get the BEST and Funniest MEME, Funny  Pictures and LOL from the Funny Pictures Blog. | Irony, Humor, Bones funny


Pin on Funny

25+ Best Exam Memes |
Jorg Washingmachine!!🤣🤣


Ha! Wasn’t this fun? Do tell me your favorite in the comments!

The people I nominate
  1. Aditi @What are you up to during the Lockdown??
  2. chris ludke @The Plein Air Experience
  3. RefreshingMingle @RefreshingMingle
  4. Sabrina @Girl Chat💭💛
  5. YOU! (Be sure to give this tag a try if you want to!)

Once again thank you Nehal and Tiction for this tagging moi!

BTW guis!
Thank you for 500 likes on my blog!

You guys are the best!! 🤗💕🤗💕
Love you all! Please keep supporting me like this! 🤗
Together we will reach greater heights!

That’s all for today!
See you soon with another post on Friday!
Till then Bye!

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