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Things that make one happy

Hey Guis!
How’s your December going? In India the virus spread is too high and conditions are not in favor, but still their are tiny little things that make you and me smile!
These reasons to smile may be weird but in the end we need to learn to appreciate them!

Statistically, children smile an average of 400 times per day. While cheerful adults still smile 40 to 50 times a day, most of us only smile 20 times a day on average. (Information is reliable and extracted from Hawaii Family Dental).
I guess that’s why they say have a heart like a child.
Most people smile only 20 times a day. That’s a small number though.

I don’t think that we can relate a smile with happiness. Smile is an expression whereas happiness is a feeling. Moreover you must have seen sarcastic smiles, but have you seen sarcastic happiness?
Probably not! Thus, Therefore, Hence, I conclude that we all should appreciate each happy moment we have!

So here I am sharing some weird lovely moments we all have!

Getting something new!

Recently I bought few pairs of socks. I don’t know why but I was over joyed to have them!😂😂
They look pretty decent and I really love them.

Me, literally showcasing my socks

Remember that time when a teacher appreciated you for solving a math problem?! Or maybe your mom appreciated you for cooking something! (Not my case, remember ‘Splash!‘). Well, appreciation makes everyone happy!


That moment when you finally call your family after the daily hustle-bustle. I have a 2 year old cousin and I really love talking to him! He’s so cute! Similarly most of us feel relaxed after talking to our family.


When you hide a secret or a guilt it starts burning within you. Learn to confess. Talk to someone you can trust. Believe me it’s so relieving.

Making something new

Whenever I write a new poem or make a new art piece, there is a certain type of vibe that feels so good. That moment when feel pleasant for something you’ve created on your own is surely counted in happiness.

Made this drawing recently. Not so great but better than what I usually draw

Practice makes a man better. One of the truest statement I’ve heard. When you start with something you’re very bad at and end up being so much better than what you were, it feels so good!
Looking for ‘Improvement’ in my case…..
Drawing/art can be considered.

Look at this! I mean…uh…er….What was I thinking when I made this!!??

And now…..(trust me this won’t bleed your eyes like the first one)

I had posted this on my Instagram stories! A shout out to my IG!

EstOp –> Guys, one moment of happiness for me is when someone follows my blog! It means they are interested in my content!(It feels sooo good!)
And also pleeeaaaseee follow me on IG😢. Your likes and follows will surely make my day!!

So, these were 5 weird/ lovely things that make one happy! Do tell me if you want a Part 2.

Lately I’ve started to have thoughts of journaling. I might upload a whole post regarding it.
The announcement is that the Monday post may not specifically be a tag. (It can be an art post or journal post). Also, we are about to hit 100 followers! Thank you everyone for being soo supportive! And if you like my content but haven’t pressed that blue “follow” button yet then please do it!! What are you waiting for??!!

See you soon with another post
Till then,

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