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Virtual Christmas Card Swap |New Year Resolution Contest

Hey Guis!
So….Christmas is around here! Going with the flow of this season I have found two new things!!
Found the Virtual Christmas Card Swap on Poorwa’s Blog.
And the New Year Resolution Contest on Krisha’s Cozy corner.

Virtual Christmas Card Swap

The Rules
  • Make a Christmas Card that you feel represents your blog
  • Either post it, and link back here, or send it to me at worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com
  • If you do post it, include the tag Virtual Christmas Card Swap.

My entry!

New Year Resolution Contest

The rules
  • Make a decorative and creative virtual image which has your resolution written in it.
  • Post it on your blog.
  • Inform us of your post, by commenting on our blog so that we don’t miss out your entry.
  • You can write as many resolutions as u want, but all of them should be compiled in one single image. Ex – In bullet points
  • Then we will update our posts by adding your images for everyone to see.
  • Then, on 1st Jan we would be announcing the winner and runner up.
  • The criteria’s for judging would be your content and creativity of the presentation!
  • Your entries would only be accepted till 31st December!
  • Have fun and All The Best from us!

My Entry!

I really enjoyed doing both of these prompts! (Idk what to call them collectively😂)

I know I have a lot of due posts right now…..I’ll try to do them ASAP!

You are welcome to do both of these fun swaps/contest.
Eagerly waiting for your views in the comments!
Kudos to the creators of both the tags!!

Do follow me on IG for exclusive content!

See you soon with another post!
Till then,

31 thoughts on “Virtual Christmas Card Swap |New Year Resolution Contest

Add yours

  1. Hey!
    Thanx sooo much for participating dear! I loved your card!
    And, i just updated the post and added your image….do chk it out and tell me!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hey! Needed to ask something if u don’t mind!
    Do u have a your account on blogspot?
    If yes, then do u follow someone called Ananya Sharma on it?
    Cause, even she participated in my contest and posted a comment on blog…I just chked out her blog but didn’t quite get it…
    I saw that someone named Akriti Jha was following it….so i thought of asking u!

    Liked by 2 people

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