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Merry Christmas! (ft. Oh Santa! A poem)

Hey Guis!
Merry Christmas!πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
With the Christmas vibe turned on, I wrote a poem named “Oh Santa!”. The next day I realized that Ariana Grande has sung a song by the same name and by no means I copied her songπŸ™ƒ.

Without further ado let’s begin!

Oh Santa !

Oh Santa!
I’ve been nice all year.
Oh Santa!
I was kind, I did share

No presents for me again…
All of my goodness, is in vain
I helped my mom and helped my dad,
And never did I make anybody sad.

Oh Santa!
I waited do long.
Oh Santa!
I sang all your songs.

But still no new toy
And still no new dress
Don’t I deserve joy?
Why do I always get less?

Oh Santa!
I got your present!
Oh Santa!
It’s the best thing you sent!

My mommy is happy,
And so is daddy,
My family is joyful,
There’s nothing I need

Oh Santa!
Now I pray,
Oh Santa!
Help those who stray.

Lead them to joy,
Unite their famille
A joy none can buy,
What’s better than a family

– Akriti

Did you like the poem? Tell me in the comments!

See you soon with another post!
Till then,

Β© Akriti (Recipe of Life) 2020

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