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Some Announcements I’ve been wanting to make

Hey Guis!
This was supposed to be an award post but for some reason I’m posting an “updates” post today. Please read it till the end, it won’t take much time.

I’ve made some hard decisions in the past few days, some are positive… whereas some are not.

I’m there on Wattpad !

Yes! I’m finally available on Wattpad! I’m posting my compilation of poems on there, and also an exclusive BOOK, which would be available ONLY on Wattpad. (Details would be followed in future posts)
My Username :- akritilifestyle
Link :-
View my Poem Compilation Book
Please go and check it out, and also follow me there🤗

Change in my Uploading Schedule

This was a scary decision to make and I can also loose traffic, but anyways I’m doing it because I don’t feel that vibe, which I usually felt when I publish a post. It feels forceful and also I think I’m devoting too much time on my laptop due to which I face severe headaches and am also showing the symptoms of migraine, maybe that’s because of screen time/ stress / overthinking. I started to blog as a hobby, I really don’t want it to effect my mental health now🙁
I hope you understand!
That’s the reason I’m going to reduce my uploading schedule to…..
One post in a week.
And that day is probably going to be a Friday (so stay tuned!)

[ To all my blogging friends, with whom I contacted on Hangouts, I would no longer be available there, due to some issues…. but don’t worry, I’m here on WordPress and also on Instagram, if you want to talk to me! ]

Checkout Riddhi’s Book

Riddhi @Whispering Stories is writing a book named The Musical Love Story of Noah and Lisa on Wattpad, trust me… It’s AMAZING!
I’m soo addicted to her story, and can’t wait for the next part!
She is currently busy with a funeral, so I’m here to do her part of promotion😂😛
Check it out here.

Only 1 Awards/Tag Post (compiled) in a Month

So, earlier I used to publish an award or tag post every Monday, but I questioned myself, is this entertaining enough for my audience? Should it be as hyped as it is?
Up lately I’ve been receiving many nominations (thanks to everyone who nominated me! Keep doing so if you like my content), it wouldn’t be just to minimize my actual content (on behalf of which I get nominated).
Therefore, I’m concluding that I’ll post one awards and tags post, that has the compilation of all the tags/awards I received in that month.

Summarizing my Upload Content

Let me divide my content in four main categories of the posts that I’d upload in a month. (View on website)


Bullet Journal

I’d love to share my setup made for the month and also any tip/idea/method that has helped me.


Random/Usual Post

This basically my usual everyday posts. This is my actual content which I want to serve my lovely readers with.
This may be a tips posts / art post / life story / concerning post / thought provoking post , etcetera.


Awards and Tags Post

This post will contain my answers to any award nomination or tag that I’ve got in the whole month.


Another Random/Usual Post

Same thing as category 2. This is my actual content which I want to serve my lovely readers with.
This may be a tips posts / art post / life story / concerning post / thought provoking post , etcetera

Late Response To Comments

It may be possible that I won’t immediately reply to your comment. I’ve selected Saturday to be the day, when I read all the comments. Late or Early, I WILL read them all!

Thank you for taking time to read this post!
I’ll meet you on Friday with another post!
Till then,

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  1. First of all thanks for taking the time to let us know about these changes. Yes,blogging is a hobby for most of us,so it shouldn’t affect your mental health and if you think this was the best decision to make,I’m with you💖. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be posting on Friday💖. Look after yourself OK

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