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Heyy Guis!
I’m back with a new poem! This is one of my favourite poems that I’ve written.

When I’m alone I don’t have to pretend
My life started alone,
And that’s how it will end.

I break the silence,
talk to the person in the mirror.
-Echoes respond.
I couldn’t ask for better guidance
Cause my voice is recognized by me.
Only I know it,
before I even say it.

I used to cry every night
for I thought I had no one.
Never looked at my shadow,
it waited for me till I was done.

For they have seen the happy me
May have heard me rant.
They stare till I break down.
And don’t ever stand.

Only one pair of eyes I know,
that never judged me
I wouldn’t be astonished to know,
that they belong to me.

I stand in front of the mirror,
when no one’s home.
Have the best time of my life,
when I’m all alone.

©Recipe Of Life ’21

Really hope you liked it!!

39 thoughts on “Alone~

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  1. This is so true!! And aah, so relatable. I can sense deep thoughts from you, it’s like sing after your hiatus, you’re a completely different person, like you have started showing us glimpses of who you are. Loved the poem!

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