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Hey Guis!
Here I present to you my first French poem, it’s not that great but I had loads of fun writing it…

J'aime être moi
Je ne me suis jamais demandé
Il ya beaucoup de gens
Je peux souhaiter être
quelques sont beaux et certains sont intelligents
Mais je ne suis pas content
être quelqu'un d'autre que moi
donc je ne demande jamais pourquoi

Hope you liked it!
P.S –> The Let’s Rant form is accepting responses till 31st May. Click on the link to know more.

Thanks for reading 😀
Catch you later!

60 thoughts on “Pourquoi?

Add yours

    1. Ah Lol knew this would happen😂
      I like to be me
      I never wondered Why

      There is a lot of people
      I can wish to be
      some are beautiful and some are smart

      But I’m not happy
      to be someone other than me
      so i never ask why
      Here you go

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      1. Wow man! Amazing
        Acha listen, I have written a poem on myself. I don’t know if I should post it or not. 😂
        I am sharing it here read it and then tell me.
        And delete it then

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  1. Aha that’s a really beautiful poem!!
    And most babies are born in August!?really!? Is there any special region *trying to act natural but my brain has some other thoughts on~~~*

    Liked by 1 person

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