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Let’s Rant EP 2: Secret Love and Self-Absorbed Friends

Hey Guis!
Welcome to Episode 2 of Let’s Rant.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about….check out this page.

For this post I have 2 small but profound rants.

The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected. (This is supposed to be a disclaimer, does it look like one?)

Secret Love

I love a boy and I have been keeping it a secret from 2 years from my parents. πŸ˜‚

Firstly, how did you manage to hide it for 2 years!!??
My relationship barely lasted 2 months before my parents found outπŸ˜‚

As I have experienced this, so the only thing I’ll recommend is, DON’T hide it from your parents.
If you love the guy badly then do tell your parents cause if they find out from any other mouth that’s not yours, it would damage your relationship with your parents.

If you believe that your parents won’t accept him then try to find the reason, ask them, “Why not?”
If they give a valid reason, it’s better to keep things dormant with him and try to get back after you are on your own.(I said this assuming that you aren’t an adult)

To everyone reading this….It’s now your turn to showcase your inner therapist in the comments.

Self Absorbed Friends

So basically all my best friends are using me for answers and everyone has a reason for talking to me, because I am good at studies they only talk to me for asking answers and I just hate them those fucking bastards, excuse my language they treat me like an answer key and GAH why do friends even exist………

Ooooh, I know these kind of friends.
One day I got a conference call from my friends classmates, honestly I was excited cause it’s been a while since we talked…that excitement didn’t last long as they said that they wanted me to share the answers for the French worksheet ma’am gave -_-

Me be like-_-

It feels so bad, you never usually talk with me and one fine day your dumb ass texts me asking for notes.

See, this guy never texted me and one day pops in my chats asking for work.

All I can say is I have experienced this and I know how damn fuming it feels πŸ™‚
The only difference is my Best Friends don’t really do this, so you might reconsider calling them “best” friends.

Frankly I don’t have any tips for youπŸ˜‚
But I do relate, so let’s look forward to the tips in the comments!

Btw I published 69 posts!
Looks like an achievement to mentionπŸ˜‚

That was all for this post!

Catch you later!

83 thoughts on “Let’s Rant EP 2: Secret Love and Self-Absorbed Friends

Add yours

  1. Wow! This person who said to manage to keep a secret for 2 years is a pro! And I totally agree with the 2nd one, but honestly I haven’t experienced this that much. 😊😊

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  2. Gosh I hate those types of “friends”… They just profit from your intelligence and helpfulness πŸ™„ I’ve been there, and the only advice I can give you is: ignore them when they ask for the answers, or at least tell them once in a while that you just don’t know or haven’t started yet. I hope you find some better friends! πŸ˜…

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  3. Well I have experienced the “lovely” friendship of such kind of friends and speaking from experience, help them 100 times and if you didn’t help them 101th time, they gonna bitch you out!!! So its never worth it 😐😐😐
    And speaking of relationships, its great the person has been able to keep it a secret till now, I wish them all the best ❀❀ and I generally don’t believe in typical norms so continue with your relationship, build trust and a good relation first and if you think you both are compatible enough then only involve parents… just try not to let your studies get affected otherwise well and good

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wow thanks for the advice! ❀️😊 Yeah trust is the most important thing…. Yeah yeah, we keep studies separate and other thing separate. Thanks Vani di

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  4. I sooooo agreee with the 2nd one. My notes are and my project is shared with one person and then it gets distributed to the whole section and that’s all “friendship” is to them. Feels like more of an investment where I am the only one investingπŸ™„πŸ™„

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  5. God, the 2nd one was the story of my life in middle school: especially in 6th grade. Those people were only friends with me because I was dubbed as “the nerdy kid” back then, and the worst part was that those “friends” of mine were absolutely horrible, and spoke horrendous ish about me behind my back. πŸ™„

    I’m so glad I was able to stand up for myself later

    Liked by 2 people

    Akriti, I agree with you on keeping our parents informed about your relationship ’cause they are your parents and they want you to live your best life.
    I always get texts from classmates to send them all the classwork I mean, IS IT MY JOB TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR WORK?
    Lol that conference call thing reminded me of that Maths test (remember?)

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Not trying to scare you or stuff but I’ve been through this shit and all I can say is it would be tough, 2 years is a long time so going back isn’t an option… neither is taking a step forward with him

        Liked by 2 people

      2. 15!? Are you sure?
        I am saying so because most kids are in ‘the glorious’ 10th standard at the the age of 15, and seeing their expectations for marks and 90%, I don’t think they will allow.
        Yeah, there might be some parents who may, but I am sure it ain’t my parents.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Ofc, they will.
        If I tell my parents that I have ‘boyfriend’ (I don’t have currently tho) then they won’t leave me.

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