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Let’s Rant Ep 3: She’s Leaving

Hey Guis!
Before we start let’s accept the fact that I need to be better with titles😂

The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected.

She’s Leaving

So my sister is gonna get married this year. And I am so happy for her!
Its just…I don’t think I’ll be able to live without her.
It’s not just that I’ll freaking miss her, it’s the fact that I have family issues and someone in my family has mental health problems which is the major reason why there are issues in the first place. So sometimes life just gets super messy and hard to deal with.
Plus she has been my only human contact this last year, someone I could talk to about anything, and like, I can’t talk to anything to anyone. But I can tell her anything and it’s just, we have bonded so much, for the first time in my life, we have bonded. And now she will get married in a few months prolly and I’ll be on my own. I’ll have sleepless nights on my own, the times when she was there to remind me I’m not a bad person, I would be just alone. The thought of a life without her scares me more than anything.

This really sounds sad…I don’t have anything to say that might comfort you all I can say is, it will be hard, and you’ll gradually have to accept it and move on, even after you try. One tip I have is, crying isn’t a crime so do let your feeling out if you want to. (P.S- I edited this paragraph)

Hey Guis, do share your tips for the ranter in the comments and I’ll catch you later!
Booi Booi

24 thoughts on “Let’s Rant Ep 3: She’s Leaving

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  1. You can move on, if you are ready to make an effort. The first step towards that is acceptance that something is changing for good and that you need to adapt to it. It may take a while, but eventually you will begin to accept it. I hear your pain but time heals, after all 🙂 So stay strong 🙂

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  2. Aw no, that’s so sad 😞
    Have to agree with Akriti here: it is 100% okay to cry it out, and don’t ever bottle it up. You can still stay in touch with her in any way you like, say calling her: and little by little, just slowly move on.

    Hope this advice helps! ❤

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  3. I am happy for your sister! Even though she is moving out, you can still visit her if she is close. And if you can’t visit, then you can call or FaceTime her.

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  4. Honsestly, it’s really sad.
    I don’t have a elder sister rather I am the elder instead, but I am sure the ranter’s sister will also miss her a lot ❤
    I don't know whether my sister will miss me when I get married years and years later, but I will miss here…

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