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Let’s Rant EP 4: Let Me Cry

Hey Guis!
Weird Title as always….but anyways, here we have another Let’s Rant post!

The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected.

Let Me Cry

*deep breath*
Why, oh why, do people shun crying?? Why is it a sign of weakness or femininity (sExIsT) or whatever crap you wanna say about it? Crying is letting out your emotions after a hard day, and that’s a good thing! Keeping your emotions bottled up inside of you is very bad! 🤐 (learned that the hard way)
And have you noticed after you take a good cry you feel BETTER? Cause I always do. It’s letting out those bad feelings after a bad day of school or work, whichever.

I nearly got a neck-sprain as I nodded my head a lot cause damn it’s relatable!
I have once covered this topic in one of my posts. (Check it out)
Crying isn’t a sign of weakness it’s just a way to express your feelings.
Just cry if you want to…. holding feelings inside won’t help if someone asks you to shut up and stop crying, ask them to fuck off, and stop trying cause they can’t control your feeling. (Of course if someone is trying to be nice don’t say this😂)

That was all I had to say, over to you guis now!

(PS – Something happened to my English while writing this post, do point out the errors cause for some reason I can’t identify them😂)

Catch you later!
Booi Booi!

19 thoughts on “Let’s Rant EP 4: Let Me Cry

Add yours

    1. Yeah I mean, I know right! Why do people think crying makes us weak!? It just makes us human for all I care.
      And now that we are at it, boys shud cry more, coz they don’t and then girls feel that they are weak even tho they are not 🤕

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  1. This is so sooo sooooooo relevant. Its okay to cry. Crying DOES NOT make you weak.
    And that phrase, “Boys don’t cry. Don’t be like girls” seriously pisses me off. If girls are weak then I haven’t seen anything as easily hurt as a man’s ego😏(not to generalize all men or anything, just had this thought)

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