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Doesn’t feel the same.

Hey Guis,
It’s so painful to write this post but I knew this was going to come up one day….

WordPress doesn’t feel the same anymore….
This used to be a quirky place that made me, or better, us feel good.

But, nowadays, I don’t find tiction spamming my comments, Nehal isn’t being her sarcastic self, Panna (temporarily) leaving WordPress, Ananya deleting her site, Riya not popping in my posts, no long debates with Poorwa, None of us being weird using hashtags and much more….this feels so different, I know this post was sort of personal but honestly that’s how I feel right now.
Maybe it’s just me…but I really need to get in touch with my blogging friends

Wish to come back with a better post in few days.
Catch ya later!

201 thoughts on “Doesn’t feel the same.

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  1. You wanna do weird hashtag? Call me anytime. I think people are busy with exams or something but right now I am free

    And I didn’t know Ananya deleted her site. I thought she is on a hiatus

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  2. Hold up…….how come I missed out on Ananya deleting her site?! She had such an epic and hilarious blog!!

    But either way, don’t give up on your blog. If you ask me, I think starting a blog has so many great reasons!
    #haveaweirdhashtagfromme (I just couldn’t resist inserting one here, lol)

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  3. Oh dude ……, Well will you mind if I spam your comments ☺️
    With around 200-300 comments
    Umm if that’s too less then.. uhh 1000 …. but I’ll do it to make you feel better ☺️☺️

    * realises I can’t do it alone *
    *looks for the crying onion*
    *oops , looks for nehu ( incase she sees the crying onion she’ll emotionally blackmail me for being in the crying onion gang 😙) *

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    1. Ananya ?? drawing my fantasises ? That ananya?!? Whose age is x+1 ? Whose a bts lover !? That ananya who loves paneer ?! That Ananya who was about to start some weird series on TMKOC ?

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      1. That’s weird 😕
        I am not feeling like posting either so I redirected my energy to reading all the wonderful posts of others…. I don’t wanna loose what I gained in this last year…. so trying to keep myself positive

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  4. Wow! WTF? I’ll be back soon ok? Don’t give up. Not like Ananya. I don’t even know what happened to her, but just know if you do it too, you will be murdered the same night.

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  5. I can’t believe it. Do you know why she did that? I’m sad and angry at the same time but I know it must not have been easy for her too.
    Let’s chat, Akriti! I don’t want others to do something like this so let’s at least try to act normal. Long debates? I’m in

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      1. And I don’t wanna use you as a messenger Akki but it’s the only way, can you tell her that we all badly want her to come back. And I’m sending her an email too so please tell her to check it out.
        She’s okay, right? I mean, she must be good and healthy, I don’t know, just tell her

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      1. Isn’t it kinda ironic how when u wanna talk, you don’t know what to talk about 😂
        Let’s talk about bts then, you love em. What’s ur fav song rn (if ya can choose).

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      2. I haven’t changed it, I still want to post daily but I just don’t want to, you know it’s not fun like before. When I sit to write something, my mind just get blank and I erase whatever I’ve written. Even though I have lots of post ideas I don’t want to post

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  6. Wait, Ananya deleted her site? Isn’t she on hiatus!!?

    Akriti, you have an amazing lifestyle blog and community. They might be busy or something but when you are down or feeling sad, we all are here for you.
    Cheer up!! ✨
    Sending much love and healings to you ❤️❤️

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      1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAVE AN AMAZING dAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰😃😃😃🎂🎂🙌🙌🙌🙌
        didnt know where else to wish but YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      2. THANK YOU

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  7. I really thought I was the only one who felt this way🥀
    I didn’t even know that Ananya deleted her site. I was looking forward to her truth post and her first impression post. If you get to talk to her please tell her I miss her❤

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  8. Omg! That girl can’t delete her site 😭😭
    Omg ily girl! I am kind of an a hiatus. You know why! Cause now wp is like no more the same. And all your reasons. I miss my old grp of girls. Always having fun! Loving talking, laughing! Yar I made me cry 😢!
    I can’t agree more ❤️
    Wordpress pls come
    Back to us


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    1. I feel like telling this to someone: my life has not been the best lately. My mom is sick. She had some complications so she just came back from the hospital. I am no longer friends with my bestie. And life sucks.
      Day after tomorrow on 36 June is my birthday. And I am not exited. You know what plan a surprise for me 😂

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  9. Omg dude, I’m so sorry but, I’ve seriously, I’ve kinda been feeling the same. You remember the last time we all used to chat on wp and have hour long senseless talks were like…..wayyyyyyyyyy back. I don’t know what’s happening 😞.
    And I’m still my sarcastic self amnt I coz u cant take that away from me 😗

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  10. To be honest, I feel the same…. I mean, I don’t completely have the same circle here as you do, but yeah the community has been interacting lesser than ever and I can’t say I am not to blame. But I think with everything slowly going back to normal, this was sorta inevitable. Sucks all the same though….

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  11. Ananya deleted her site! That’s terrible news!

    Akriti, I know it gets difficult when people don’t talk these days. I don’t know what to say about this. Honestly, I haven’t experienced this and all I want to say is i’m sorry for not being so active here.

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