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Let’s Rant EP 5: Traumatizing Teacher

Hey Guis!
Here we have another post on Let’s Rant….now, I guess I know the person who wrote this rant IRL but that’s not the point of this series, so let’s dive right into it.

The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected.

Le Traumatizing Teacher

IDK what problem does this stupid teacher have with me.
All my friends don’t like SST and this teacher makes me hate this subject more than anything on this bloody planet. I met this teacher in 9th grade, my exam was over and me and my friends went to school for studying ( that’s an excuse obviously we went to meet each other).
We were talking and out of nowhere his teacher came and started teaching SST, like what the f*ck, The exam is over why do you need to teach the same thing over and over again?! We didn’t give a sh*t and continued and outta all the people she threw ME out off the class for talking. WoW.
Then she became my class teacher in 10th(thinking ’bout how lucky I am).
I wasn’t wearing the school uniform, cause it’s uncomfortable and short but that does not explain how most of my t-shirts are 2 years old and still fit me but whatever. She again started shouting at me for not wearing the uniform and complained to my parents and told them I was not keeping my camera on even though she herself doesn’t keep her camera on. When mom told her about the school uniform fuss, she said,” For your kind information I have been teaching for the past 24 years don’t tell me how to teach.” Give some respect, woman or imma come to your home and talk shit abt your mom.
Yesterday she was making us write the syllabus and I was writing in a notepad( laziness ig XD ) she asked where my almanac was, I said that I didn’t have one, she again started shouting on me then I told her that I didn’t have the school registers to make that b*tch more angry. IDGAF about what that b*tch said.
Like what is the need of fucking school registers, these market ones work the same they have the same pages, same fricking lines, or is that the case that you are jealous of the school not making bloody money. You want to buy anything…buy it from the school. You want a car? Np, buy it from the school, you want an airplane? You’ll have to buy that from the school. Fricking dumb@ss teacher.

Wow…umm ok, so….THERE IS A LOT GOING IN HERE!!
Firstly how the heck is this so long (I shouldn’t complain…It’s more content for me😂)
Secondly, dude I HAD to censor some stuff and still I couldn’t keep it PG 13, your expression here is just amazing.

And finally….your teacher sucks, with the description you’ve given she sounds like the headmistress from Matilda.
The best you could do here is nothing. Try not to be rude to her and she’ll stop targeting you BUT if she she still does it…God save thy soul.

That’s all I have to say will love to see your reactions in the comments!

40 thoughts on “Let’s Rant EP 5: Traumatizing Teacher

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  1. Lmao, I don’t know what to say 🤣. I love this person for sure and if it helps, I’ve been in the same spot since I was in lkg. I was too naughty to change until 4th, the happy change that lasted for only about 2 years☺. But well 😂

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  2. Haha God being on a teacher’s good books is different thing but coming in the teacher’s eyes is whole different level of hell…. I don’t know why teacher’s do that, finding someone so that they can vent their all anger and frustration of their daily life, they often forget that these are children’s heart and self esteem they are hurting badly

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  3. Lol 🤣 Sounds like a mixture of the headmistress of Matilda and Umbridge come to life. She really does sound like she has been teaching for “24” years 🙄

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  4. Oh my God, this person really hates their teacher a lot 😂😂
    This rant literally left me speechless at this point……well, all I can say is that this teacher sounds like the Trunchbull from Matilda.

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  5. Ahem,”Allow me to introduce myself”. I’m the one who wrote this rant and you’re write u know me irl. I just couldn’t hold myself from keeping all this inside me, so here I am, and if I opened my mouth I would be suspended and that teacher would have a heart attack

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      1. IDK anything that he conveyed to you all ik is that he said hi and you told him to go away and we still make fun of him that thing XD

        Liked by 1 person

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