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Changing the Lyrics of Strong by 1D

Hey Guis!

In this post I’m going to ‘modify’ a part of the lyrics of Strong by 1D and make that song a bit relatable personally. Nothing more to add…so let’s just get into it.
(P.S…Tune to that amazing song before reading this.)

Dated, Hated
All in a lifetime.
Waited, then Wasted,
All of my damn time.
I thought that I could save it,
While you proceeded to break it.

Crying, Reading
The texts that you sent me
Said you, loved me
So why did you hurt me?
Why the heck did I try to kiss you?
That don’t change the fact that I miss you…
But we don’t belong.

I’m sorry if I said I need you,
Cause I don’t care and I’m scared to trust.
And now that I left you I’m better,
You proved me wrong, Just proved me wrong,
So I changed this song.

*Too lazy to type a outro*
Edit :- Bye catch you later (yes i typed an outro)

44 thoughts on “Changing the Lyrics of Strong by 1D

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  1. The actual song is sooo good that I actually covered it on guitar (which rarely happens). Anyway nice song πŸ™‚ and listen to Patience by Guns and Roses, it is also a nice song.

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      1. The intro has some really soothing whistling, I try to do that, but nope, no success, (Is it really that hard to whistle)


      1. Yeah just love the song especially the solo part, my favourite :). My favourite song by them is Sweet Child O’ Mine

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I know you know perfectly well what happened and you just don’t wanna share, please come back dude, don’t push yourself away from us πŸ˜•


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