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Know a little more about me and my blog!

Welcome! I’m Akriti.
An Indian student who has entered the world of blogging. I am not disclosing my age.(Ageophobia)
The topics of my blog are not at all limited, there is a huge and vast variety of “stuff” that may catch your eye.
If you like my content and are already following my blog….Thanks a million! (I’m nothing without y’all) If not….C’mon! A wordpress account is free!

How did I start blogging?

It was a normal day during the lockdown. While taking a shower I was thinking of an article I recently read about blogging. Suddenly the idea of blogging struck my mind. I liked to write quite a lot (I still love writing😂). I contacted my uncle so called “Chachu” by me. Chachu was into technical stuff so we both together surfed the web for the best platform for me to start a blog.
WordPress was the first recommendation but the tutorials we saw on YouTube mentioned that WordPress is complicated and newbies should not use it.
So we went for the second option which was Blogger. After preparing my write ups I felt that I lack confidence so those drafts were in dust for few days. Me and Chachu made the blog fully functional and I gained some courage and posted my first post ever “How to improve your Poetic Skills” on May 19th 2020. (That post is still alive! You can go and check it out!)
After a month or so we decided to get our blog on social media (facebook, twitter and stuff). Things were going well but that one notification by FB which said my account has been blocked because FB thinks we are a ROBOT. Umm we tried using different accounts as well but that didn’t work. All accounts were being blocked. We thought maybe we are providing the link of Blogger that’s the reason of account blockage. So then in July end we arrived at WordPress, yes it took some time to understand how things work. In mid August I posted my first post on wordpress. And believe me it’s going pretty well.
One thing, I really didn’t use social media with wordpress yet XD
Anyways, I’ve attached my IG name tag now!(Scroll Down to find it) Please go and follow me.


Photo by Valeriia Miller

Thank you for visiting! I’ll love your suggestions for my blog! Do comment on my posts about what you want to see!

“Not everyone will appreciate.It’s you who needs to overcome Criticism”

Akriti Jha (That’s me!)

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