Let’s Rant EP 4: Let Me Cry

Hey Guis!Weird Title as always....but anyways, here we have another Let's Rant post! The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected. Let Me Cry *deep breath* Why, oh why, do people shun crying?? Why is it a sign of weakness or femininity (sExIsT) or whatever crap you wanna say about it? Crying... Continue Reading →

Let’s Rant Ep 3: She’s Leaving

Hey Guis!Before we start let's accept the fact that I need to be better with titles😂 The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected. She's Leaving So my sister is gonna get married this year. And I am so happy for her! Its just...I don't think I'll be able to live without... Continue Reading →

Let’s Rant: Ep 1: The Best Friends Feud

Hey Guis!Welcome to the first episode of Let's Rant!!Don't know what is Let's Rant? Check this out. The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter's(is that a word😂) anonymity is respected.(I've used anonymous so many times, it irritates me now) Rant 1:- The best Friends Feud So....I quarreled with my best friends today.They were "controlling"... Continue Reading →

Let’s Rant. (Information)

Hey Guis! First up....Good News!I'm not going to close the form any sooner....Which means you can rant whenever you want. (As we all know, 'Anonymously'.) If you don't know what I'm talking about....Check this out. Basic Information about this Series. Anonymity is respected and I'm NOT going to disclose your name even if you mentioned... Continue Reading →


Hey Guis! Here I present to you my first French poem, it's not that great but I had loads of fun writing it... J'aime être moi Je ne me suis jamais demandé Pourquoi.....

Let’s Rant~ (An interactive Series)

Hey Guis! Let's be straight, I love to rant!!Who doesn't?!So, I decided to create a mini interactive series were where we can rant! Ok...so basically I'll attach a google form, where you can "anonymously" rant about anything in your life. (You don't need to mention your identity even in the google form.) It could be... Continue Reading →

Nature, Was Better Alone.

Hey Guis!This poem is my entry for Soni Di's writing contest.Hope you like it! The wind’s her breath,Her tears taste sweet.Her viridescent hair,Reaches the ground—Her feet. Her smile’s a spectrum,The storm’s Her tantrum.We give Her not a bit;Yet Her ungrudging soul,Will never admit,“Humans are a tragedy and She—She was better alone.” -Akriti

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