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Hey Guis! Here I present to you my first French poem, it’s not that great but I had loads of fun writing it… J’aime être moi Je ne me suis jamais demandé Pourquoi…..

Nature, Was Better Alone.

Hey Guis!This poem is my entry for Soni Di’s writing contest.Hope you like it! The wind’s her breath,Her tears taste sweet.Her viridescent hair,Reaches the ground—Her feet. Her smile’s a spectrum,The storm’s Her tantrum.We give Her not a bit;Yet Her ungrudging soul,Will never admit,“Humans are a tragedy and She—She was better…


Heyy Guis!I’m back with a new poem! This is one of my favourite poems that I’ve written. When I’m alone I don’t have to pretendMy life started alone,And that’s how it will end. I break the silence,talk to the person in the mirror.-Echoes respond.I couldn’t ask for better guidanceCause my…

Want to learn how to Smile

Hey guis….I’ve been long lost and finally adding a post after “months”.So, here’s a short poem, I hope you like it! I want to learn how to smile,I do…I haven’t done it in a while,But I’d like to…Try it once againBut there’s just too many things in my head. I…

Merry Christmas! (ft. Oh Santa! A poem)

Hey Guis!Merry Christmas!🎄🎄With the Christmas vibe turned on, I wrote a poem named “Oh Santa!”. The next day I realized that Ariana Grande has sung a song by the same name and by no means I copied her song🙃. Without further ado let’s begin! Oh Santa ! Oh Santa!I’ve been…

Well…Who said that?

Am I perfect?-No, this edge you see…That means I’m not good?!-Well who said that….not me! Am I without any Potential?-No, unless you don’t believeThat means I can do everything?!-Well who said that…not me! Am I the best?-Best?!Well…that none can beDuh! So I’m not worth it?-Well who said that….not me! Uhm…

Is it me?

Hello!I said I’ll write another post on 3rd October.But the craving of writing didn’t leave me 😉 So here is a poem by me….enjoy reading it! Is it my thoughts?Or is it me?Am I always wrong?Well yes you see. Why am I so lost?So dreamy…Even when people abuse me,It looks…

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