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Gif-y-Love (this one is different!)

Hey Guis!I tried to do something with the featured image😂😂 Did it turn out well?So, by now you might know what's GIF-y-Love. It was a weekly tag hosted by Tiction and Nehal. Now, it's just a one time tag. (Click here for more info.)Thanks to Nehal @Books and Words for tagging me!! Rules Thank the... Continue Reading →

A chill post and GIF-y Love#4

Ciao! (Hello in Italian) Or meh I guess hello was better.....Whatever, guys could you suggest a nice intro for me?If yes please do so in the comments! I really wanted to do this chill post for quite a long time.MEANWHILEMy inner voice- "Actually she had nothing to write about"Me- "Shhh, don't reveal a writer's secrets"Ok...Ok...Back... Continue Reading →

GIF-y Love #2

Hello!If you're wondering about the randomness of the featured image.... A little backstory this image used to be my wallpaper for some time. (I don't know why am I talking about the featured image?!) You might already be knowing about this tag started by tiction(Fictionally Crazy) and Nehal (Books and Words). Both their blogs are... Continue Reading →

GIF-y Love

Hello!This post is pretty unique cause it's the first "tag" thing I've ever tried (This blogging world is soooo vast! There is still a lot to explore!) So, Lemme explain this tag started by Nehal and tiction. (Do check out their blogs! I'm sure you'll love it!)GIF's, in some manner, we all love them. I'm... Continue Reading →

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