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#Online Schooling (A flopped obedience)

Hey Guis!Before I start I want to state that I HATE MY SENSES!! Disclaimer :- This post may contain the use of harsh language. Not preferred to be viewed by children below the age of 12. So, online schooling is hell. Although it has many pros, like attending a class while sleeping and stuff, but... Continue Reading →

Life Story : Warts and me

Disclaimer I know skin problems are "eww" for some people and if you are that sassy punk who is about to comment something mean, this post is not for you. Hope that my fellow humans understand me😂😇 Hey Guis!So, I had a pole on my Instagram, asking what post should I upload next, the majority... Continue Reading →


Hey Guis!(Ok....I understand the weirdness of this intro but you gotta do with it now onwards.)I'm just so sorry I forgot to upload in the morning! I completely forgot that it's a Friday😅😅 As the realization dawns of me not posting any life story, my fingers now start moving on my lappu (Laptop) writing a... Continue Reading →


Hello!I was quite unsure about what to do in this post.....well, a few hours of thinking and below given is what I came up with. A question first! Name any one thing which, according to you is unpredictable.Answers in the comments! So, do you know what is going to happen tomorrow morning at 7:00 am?Well,... Continue Reading →

Plants Grow in My Mom’s Heart #4

Yay! The most awaited post of my blog! Ok let me type the last line to jog your memory "Oh those sweet words in my mind for my RESPECTED school and the HONOURABLE chief guest..." Mmm-hmmm....remember? No problem if you don't here are the previous parts: Part 1 of this series Part 2 of this series Part... Continue Reading →

The Unwanted Race

Our school organised trials for the sports event that was going to be held next month.I am interested in running,so I too went for the trials. Everyone(during the trials) looked very intense...I had a very strong feeling that I am unprepared.The race started.I ran pretty well,I seriously closed my eyes while reaching the finish line... Continue Reading →

Plants Grow In My Mom’s Heart #3

......"Perfect place for my plants.",I said keeping them near the window.Hello!Remember that line? Well if you don't you haven't read this series yet! Part 1:- 2:- I did not even step off the bus while my mother starts the interrogation between the criminal and FBI. "Where are the plants?""You LOST them?""No, you forgot them in school?""You... Continue Reading →

Plants Grow In My Mom’s Heart #1

Hey there,If you are a plant lover/love humour,this story is perfect for you...a lot of  things to chuckle on,a few places filled with sarcasm and some part of it with emotions. Based on real life events(I'm taking like script writers...he-he).This story is too long to finish in one post...Anyways,let's get started.I am single child but... Continue Reading →

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