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Want to learn how to Smile

Hey guis....I've been long lost and finally adding a post after "months".So, here's a short poem, I hope you like it! I want to learn how to smile,I do...I haven't done it in a while,But I'd like to...Try it once againBut there's just too many things in my head. I want to learn how to... Continue Reading →

Diwali to be blamed for severe AQI?

Hello!If you are living in India then you must have been knowing that India has a lot of pollution, which indeed is bad. Just a few samples given above which state that India is very polluted. Now look at this heading. Well, people blame Diwali to be the major reason of the pollution!"So, Diwali is... Continue Reading →


Hello!I was quite unsure about what to do in this post.....well, a few hours of thinking and below given is what I came up with. A question first! Name any one thing which, according to you is unpredictable.Answers in the comments! So, do you know what is going to happen tomorrow morning at 7:00 am?Well,... Continue Reading →

A normal Prayer

Hi, this post is made all of a sudden. Let's look upon some prayer types. So imagine a little boy praying for his mother to recover as she was ill. Prayer type 1God, please help my mom recover. Please! I won't eat chocolates for a whole week! I pray daily , but still you don't... Continue Reading →

How is the future?

Well, this was a quote I planned for my series "Quotes by me" but I thought that this quote could be a topic on which I can write a separate post! (Well....actually I was so blank about what to write so I am writing this 😂) Now stories aside let's start off! So what meaning... Continue Reading →

Is it me?

Hello!I said I'll write another post on 3rd October.But the craving of writing didn't leave me 😉 So here is a poem by me....enjoy reading it! Is it my thoughts?Or is it me?Am I always wrong?Well yes you see. Why am I so lost?So dreamy...Even when people abuse me,It looks like I am sleepy Well... Continue Reading →

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