Hey Guis!(Ok....I understand the weirdness of this intro but you gotta do with it now onwards.)I'm just so sorry I forgot to upload in the morning! I completely forgot that it's a Friday😅😅 As the realization dawns of me not posting any life story, my fingers now start moving on my lappu (Laptop) writing a... Continue Reading →

A chill post and GIF-y Love#4

Ciao! (Hello in Italian) Or meh I guess hello was better.....Whatever, guys could you suggest a nice intro for me?If yes please do so in the comments! I really wanted to do this chill post for quite a long time.MEANWHILEMy inner voice- "Actually she had nothing to write about"Me- "Shhh, don't reveal a writer's secrets"Ok...Ok...Back... Continue Reading →

My five favourite Songs #2

Hello! I'm back with another post! It was a lovely break I enjoyed with movies and family, what about you?I hope you have already read the first part of this.....If not yet....Go on click here and read it! I am sorry for using the same featured image, I went laaaazy. I am turning this "My... Continue Reading →

My Five Fav Songs

Hii! I am a lifestyle blogger and lifestyle is the rarest topic you will find here! See, unique right😂 So here is something related to lifestyle finally! I'm a music lover and personally I feel music can sooooooth any and everyone. I couldn't resist adding this GIF😂 In this post I'm gonna mention my five... Continue Reading →

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