Plants grow in my Mom’s Heart (End)

Hey Guis! This story is finally coming to an end. I will post a compilation of all parts just after this post. So, if you want to read it from the start you can do it conveniently. Just to jog on your memory lane let's look at the last line."After some days a pigeon did... Continue Reading →

Plants grow in my mom’s Heart #5

Yay! A humorous post! Did I go too philosophical last month? Meh, leave it! Finally! Part 5 is out🎉! So, what should I give first? Link to previous parts or Last line of #4? I'll give the links. Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Now the last line of #4 ---> "Umm…our balcony was completely BLACK!... Continue Reading →

Plants Grow in My Mom’s Heart #4

Yay! The most awaited post of my blog! Ok let me type the last line to jog your memory "Oh those sweet words in my mind for my RESPECTED school and the HONOURABLE chief guest..." Mmm-hmmm....remember? No problem if you don't here are the previous parts: Part 1 of this series Part 2 of this series Part... Continue Reading →

Plants Grow In My Mom’s Heart #3

......"Perfect place for my plants.",I said keeping them near the window.Hello!Remember that line? Well if you don't you haven't read this series yet! Part 1:- 2:- I did not even step off the bus while my mother starts the interrogation between the criminal and FBI. "Where are the plants?""You LOST them?""No, you forgot them in school?""You... Continue Reading →

Plants Grow In My Mom’s Heart #1

Hey there,If you are a plant lover/love humour,this story is perfect for you...a lot of  things to chuckle on,a few places filled with sarcasm and some part of it with emotions. Based on real life events(I'm taking like script writers...he-he).This story is too long to finish in one post...Anyways,let's get started.I am single child but... Continue Reading →

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