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Things that make one happy

Hey Guis!How's your December going? In India the virus spread is too high and conditions are not in favor, but still their are tiny little things that make you and me smile!These reasons to smile may be weird but in the end we need to learn to appreciate them! Statistically, children smile an average of... Continue Reading →

For Moi

Hello Guis! (I don't know why I use this intro?!) I'm soo nervous for this post...Hoping this becomes a success! (Fingers Crossed🤞🏼🤞🏼). This is the first TAG I have ever released!I'll be telling stuff about this tag in this post. Please read till the end and take up this tag! It will mean a lot... Continue Reading →

Well…Who said that?

Am I perfect?-No, this edge you see...That means I'm not good?!-Well who said that....not me! Am I without any Potential?-No, unless you don't believeThat means I can do everything?!-Well who said that...not me! Am I the best?-Best?!Well...that none can beDuh! So I'm not worth it?-Well who said that....not me! Uhm I don't get you....Can you... Continue Reading →

A normal Prayer

Hi, this post is made all of a sudden. Let's look upon some prayer types. So imagine a little boy praying for his mother to recover as she was ill. Prayer type 1God, please help my mom recover. Please! I won't eat chocolates for a whole week! I pray daily , but still you don't... Continue Reading →

How is the future?

Well, this was a quote I planned for my series "Quotes by me" but I thought that this quote could be a topic on which I can write a separate post! (Well....actually I was so blank about what to write so I am writing this 😂) Now stories aside let's start off! So what meaning... Continue Reading →

Is it me?

Hello!I said I'll write another post on 3rd October.But the craving of writing didn't leave me 😉 So here is a poem by me....enjoy reading it! Is it my thoughts?Or is it me?Am I always wrong?Well yes you see. Why am I so lost?So dreamy...Even when people abuse me,It looks like I am sleepy Well... Continue Reading →

Moments Of Life

Hi! Talking about the topic we all have tons of moments which make our life. Some of them might be good some might be bad, but we need to accept all of them as each plays a significant role in our life. Based on this understanding, I wrote a very short poem, which is written... Continue Reading →

Quotes by me

Hi all! So...I am a quote addict. In my previous posts I told quotes by different people BUT today the writer is me! Okay, first of all how did I get this idea? So, a friend of mine(Manasvi) is too much into creative works....Poems, stories, singing, jokes and lots of stuff! So a few weeks... Continue Reading →

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