Changing the Lyrics of Strong by 1D

Hey Guis! In this post I'm going to 'modify' a part of the lyrics of Strong by 1D and make that song a bit relatable personally. Nothing more to let's just get into it.(P.S...Tune to that amazing song before reading this.) Dated, HatedAll in a lifetime.Waited, then Wasted,All of my damn time.I thought that... Continue Reading →

My Current Favourite Tunes

Heyy Guis! Meow!It's been ages since I've posted a 'music' post. (why am I using this phrase in every post I write!!) So, in this post I'm going to share with you my current favourite tunes, as you know from the title. Let's begin without any bak delay. 1. Astronaut in the Ocean I... Continue Reading →

My five favourite Songs #2

Hello! I'm back with another post! It was a lovely break I enjoyed with movies and family, what about you?I hope you have already read the first part of this.....If not yet....Go on click here and read it! I am sorry for using the same featured image, I went laaaazy. I am turning this "My... Continue Reading →

My Five Fav Songs

Hii! I am a lifestyle blogger and lifestyle is the rarest topic you will find here! See, unique right😂 So here is something related to lifestyle finally! I'm a music lover and personally I feel music can sooooooth any and everyone. I couldn't resist adding this GIF😂 In this post I'm gonna mention my five... Continue Reading →

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