Let’s Rant EP 4: Let Me Cry

Hey Guis!Weird Title as always....but anyways, here we have another Let's Rant post! The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected. Let Me Cry *deep breath* Why, oh why, do people shun crying?? Why is it a sign of weakness or femininity (sExIsT) or whatever crap you wanna say about it? Crying... Continue Reading →

Let’s Rant Ep 3: She’s Leaving

Hey Guis!Before we start let's accept the fact that I need to be better with titles😂 The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter’s anonymity is respected. She's Leaving So my sister is gonna get married this year. And I am so happy for her! Its just...I don't think I'll be able to live without... Continue Reading →

Let’s Rant: Ep 1: The Best Friends Feud

Hey Guis!Welcome to the first episode of Let's Rant!!Don't know what is Let's Rant? Check this out. The Rant is chosen randomly and the ranter's(is that a word😂) anonymity is respected.(I've used anonymous so many times, it irritates me now) Rant 1:- The best Friends Feud So....I quarreled with my best friends today.They were "controlling"... Continue Reading →


Hey Guis! Here I present to you my first French poem, it's not that great but I had loads of fun writing it... J'aime ĂȘtre moi Je ne me suis jamais demandĂ© Pourquoi.....

Let’s Rant~ (An interactive Series)

Hey Guis! Let's be straight, I love to rant!!Who doesn't?!So, I decided to create a mini interactive series were where we can rant! Ok...so basically I'll attach a google form, where you can "anonymously" rant about anything in your life. (You don't need to mention your identity even in the google form.) It could be... Continue Reading →

Making Wallpapers for my lappu~

Hey Guis!! I wanted to do something fun this weekend. (I'm writing this post on 15th May, a 'saturday' and this post will be out probably after a few days)I decided to give my Lappu a makeover, because I want to give to give it a makeover and you guis will watch me giving it... Continue Reading →


Heyy Guis!I'm back with a new poem! This is one of my favourite poems that I've written. When I’m alone I don’t have to pretendMy life started alone,And that’s how it will end. I break the silence,talk to the person in the mirror.-Echoes respond.I couldn’t ask for better guidanceCause my voice is recognized by me.Only... Continue Reading →

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