The Good Times and the Bad Ones – A Book Tag

Hey Guis!I'm going to be doing a book tag for the very first time on my blog! And today I'll do The Good Times and the Bad Ones tag created by Riddhi and Nehal. Thanks for tagging moi!(If you haven't followed them yet, you are missing on some quality content...) First up, just tune to... Continue Reading →

Finally A Tag! – All about you around the blogosphere

Meow!!It's been soooo looooooooong since we've met. (Although we never really met, maybe I've met some of you but gaah....why am I even writing this!!) So, I'm back from my break as you know. Although, But anyway what's gonna be a good start? CATCHING UP WITH THE TAGS CAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANY CONTENT!👏🏼👏🏼 All... Continue Reading →

The memez tag!

Hey guis!Here I am finally up with the memez tag! I'm just sooo thankful to Nehal @Books and Words and Tiction @Fictionally Crazy for tagging me! (Go and check out their blogs. They are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E)EDIT ---> Thanks to Avishi @Schreibens from AVISHI for tagging me as well! (Her blog is awesome! Do check it... Continue Reading →

For Moi

Hello Guis! (I don't know why I use this intro?!) I'm soo nervous for this post...Hoping this becomes a success! (Fingers Crossed🤞🏼🤞🏼). This is the first TAG I have ever released!I'll be telling stuff about this tag in this post. Please read till the end and take up this tag! It will mean a lot... Continue Reading →

A chill post and GIF-y Love#4

Ciao! (Hello in Italian) Or meh I guess hello was better.....Whatever, guys could you suggest a nice intro for me?If yes please do so in the comments! I really wanted to do this chill post for quite a long time.MEANWHILEMy inner voice- "Actually she had nothing to write about"Me- "Shhh, don't reveal a writer's secrets"Ok...Ok...Back... Continue Reading →

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