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With the police brutality continuing in Nigeria we need to lend our voice for the nigerian youth living in danger!


Repost this on your blog!
Follow this blog by a nigerian youth who wants your support, who wants you to lend your voice!

There is a lot more I can say….but I feel the ones going through this can convey better!
Many nigerian bloggers are here on wordpress conveying the pain….Go follow them! This would be a win for more than just Nigeria, it would be a win for humanity.

Here is a post you can surely look upon!


Frustrated youths show their displeasure

Please lend your voice to end police brutality in my country #SARSMustEnd. Racial or not, police brutality is wrong on all shores across the world.

Just like George Floyd or any other killings by the police. Those we put in charge of our safety have no right to be the reason we die. All forms of #SarsMustEndNow, I refuse to pull my own trigger.

Please follow my webpage

Follow @sejaypages on facebook and instagram. like share repost.

Lend us your voice today. Thank you

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  1. God bless you all. Please we are trying to get the United Nations and international court of justice to save us. Please keep reblogging and sharing. Make our voices heard. God bless you all for helping to save me and Nigerians lives.

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