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New Wattpad Novel! : Our Complicated Relationship.

Hey Guis!
I’m so pumped to announce that my new book, “Our Complicated Relationship” is out now!
It’s available on Wattpad, you can make a free account and read my novel *whispers* Also follow me there.

Genre :- Teen Fiction
Tags :- Rom-Com, Comedy, Love, Teen Romance
Age Group :- YA

This book is NOT a cliché romance novel. It may feel like one for the first few chapters but nah nah, it’s way different.
It’s about a girl named Linda, living with her divorced mother. Linda, has an under confident nature, making her feel embarrassed at times. Well, a new boy comes to live in her neighborhood. She has MiXed feelings for him, when they finally want to ‘date’ officially, they realize they can’t do so cause —-

Find the reason why by reading this sorta humorous novel!

I hope you check out my novel, the first chapter is out, I’ll soon publish the second one as well!
Check it out here.
Don’t forget to vote if you like the chapter! Cause who doesn’t like appreciation?!

37 thoughts on “New Wattpad Novel! : Our Complicated Relationship.

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  1. I read the first chapter Akriti, it was amazing!!! It’s brilliant that the first chapter was so good, I bet the rest of the novel is even better…though, I am fearing why the two can’t get, and I’m kinda assuming WHY. And I just hope I’m not right 😂

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