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Floral Doodles+Sketchbook Review

See, how vast my blog going!
Art posts are joining in!

I’m no good at arts/crafts, it’s just an activity I do to please myself. If any “professional” artist is reading this, Please be gentle with me…..cause I know I’m going to do something wrong.

So I recently bought a sketchbook from amazon, named “MENORAH – A4 Artist Sketch Book “. (This link is for amazon India, I tried finding it internationally but didn’t get any results, sorry!)
I’m into art but not so great in it, maybe it’s the time to improve my artistic skills.

<– The Things I used.

List of the items is given just for a reference.

So, I started by using some water colours to create a pastel(ish) background.
After letting it dry for half an hour or so, I went on with my micron pens drawing some cute flowers and leaves.
I added some shadows using the brush pen and also some highlights in the leaves using colour pencils.
In the end I enhanced it with some little hearts.

One thing I did wrong was writing the word “flowers”, with brush pens! Although I have zero knowledge of Calligraphy. Plus I added some colour pencil highlights which made it look uglier.

Funny Animals GIFs. 150 Animated Pics to Have Some Fun


Cat Laughing GIF - Cat Laughing Smile - Discover & Share GIFs | Laughing  cat, Funny cat videos, Cat facts
Even the cat laughed at the “FLOWERS”😹

Anyways, this was a fun and relaxing process which I really enjoyed! (I was tuning in to my favourite songs, while doing this. BTW list of favourite songs of November is coming soon)

Now, for the Sketchbook review, Menorah is a very trusted and nice brand. The pages are said to be of 140 GSM, but it feels like 120 GSM, which too is good.
Using water colour on this sketchbook wasn’t a good idea as the paper started tearing and bubbling up.
Mild water colour works pretty well.
The texture on the cover is very soothing and I love it’s design.
The spiral is made of metal and chance of damage is real low.

For the Start Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Yes, it’s a 4 star rating, it could had done a bit better with the water colour thing but overall it’s great and you can surely consider buying it!

Plus...I have an announcement.(I love this font) I don't have a specific schedule of Posting my content. 
So I have decided to Post one-two times in a week. (One post on Monday and the other on Friday.) 
Please Note that the monday post is for any type of tags.

If you liked my drawings do comment below!
Suggestions are most welcomed.
Thank you for reading!
See you on Friday with another post till then Bye!

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