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Starting a Bujo + Journal Review | 2021 Bujo Setup

Hey guis!
So, if you are keeping up with my posts, you might remember me mentioning something about bullet journaling. (The post I mentioned this in)

Yes, so I planned to start a bullet journal a few weeks ago…. It was just a random thought I had.
For bullet journaling, I needed a notebook (That’s obvious!) I went on Amazon to find some dotted journals, most of them were cheaper than Rupees 500(Indian Currency) which is around $6.80 in US. But, the quality wasn’t good enough to buy… well, I found a cheap and amazing offer, it was the same brand as my sketchbook. No, they didn’t sponsor me…. I bought it on my own, but the quality is soooo good for the price!
You can check it out here. (Link is for Amazon India)

Pros of this Journal
  • A5 Sized
  • It has a black color and looks very minimalistic (which I really like!).
  • The cover is hard bound and sturdy.
  • It’s dot gridded and lay’s flat
  • There is an elastic closure provided.
  • 2 bookmarks are provided
  • There is an extra pocket in the end
Cons of this Journal
  • The pages are not numbered

That was literally one con! If you are in India, looking for an affordable journal this is the one you need!

Looks nice….
The color of the pages is off-white(ish)

In my thinking you don’t need expensive stuff to journal….
After I searched for washi tapes and stickers, I realized that they were costlier than the journal itself!
Rather than spending money on those….. I printed some stickers. Also I used a hole puncher to get some cute and colorful circles.

I kept them in a tiny container😛

I also used some old magazines to make these envelopes.

And printed some designs I liked.

This portion of today’s post was mostly about proving that bullet journaling is not that expensive!

2021 Bujo Setup

I started by simply putting a 2021 label on my bullet journal. It’s very minimalistic, but cute.

There was a box on the front page, on which I wrote some contact details. (Sorry but I can’t share that page😟. I also numbered the pages because they weren’t numbered (as told earlier)

Then we have the Index. I decorated it using some old magazine paper and doodles. It turned out pretty good.

Then, I made a future log. This was the most time consuming and tiring part! But still, it turned out be cute and I really like it.

Sorry for the blur picture
A cinematic shot😂

Next I made this page called 20 goals for 2021.

Sorry for the orientation😅

Then I proceeded to make this page called Moments of 2020, where in chose some pic and stuck them as a collage, just for a memory.

Next we have the Gratitude page.
I did make a mistake by including this in the yearly setup and not on the monthly one.

Then I made the brain dump page, on which I’ll write ideas/simply whatever that’s in my mind!
Once again I should had included this in the monthly setup, I’ll keep it mind though.

I had to hide a few portions😛

January Setup

Let me put the prompts in order

  1. January Cover Page
  2. January Goals
  3. January Month Overview / January at a Glance
  4. January To Study
  5. January Study Plan
  6. Poem January
  7. Habit Tracker January
  8. Weekly Log(s)
  9. Blog and Instagram Post Ideas
  10. Hydration Tracker
  11. 31 Days 31 Affirmations
  12. January Reflections

Because this was my first month in Bullet Journaling, I did make mistakes (I’m not a perfectionist). I’ve so many improvement Ideas for February. Let me show you the pages I mentioned above.

I’m not a fan of this cover page
The Goals Page
January at a Glance. (love the way it came out)
To Study Page
Study Plan
My IG followers have already seen this😉
Habit Tracker
Weekly Log
Can’t share the Post Ideas😛
The Hydration Tracker (Not so amazing)
31 days 31 Affirmations
January Reflections (Probably like a diary)

This was my first try on Bullet Journaling, do tell me the improvement areas.

HELP!  Please suggest me some good books in the following genres 
1. Fiction
2. Rom-Com / humor
3. Science fiction / dystopian

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See you soon with another post!
Till then,

48 thoughts on “Starting a Bujo + Journal Review | 2021 Bujo Setup

Add yours

  1. Omg !!! the way your Bujo turned out is so cute and minimalistic and creative and I just love ittttt😆😆😆

    You have inspired me to create on myself well at least when I find a journal on amazon

    As for the book recomendations, Maybe try reading Artemis FOwl, Hunger games 2 and Mystwick school of music craft

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Thank you!
      Definitely try it out! It’s a pretty amazing planning method!

      Thanks for the recommendations! Will surely check them outtttt!

      (I really like how you extend the last letter of a word😂)


  2. Your welcome for the book recommendations!!

    Ummmmm….. for trying to make a Bullet Journal, can I use a spiral book, or does it have to be like the one you used

    ( Thanks alottttttt!!! I always do it like thattttttt)

    Liked by 1 person

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