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Another Blogger Down

Hey Guis!
Quick post with a key word….

Many bloggers are on a hiatus this season.
I’ve been planning to doze off since quite long, and now is the perfect time! (IDK why?)
So, my exams are starting in March. I need to deal with the preparation and I’m too lazy to think of ideas for blog posts rn…

I’m not going to be active on any other platform.(Wattpad, Pinterest, Instagram, etcetera)
But I may read your posts once in a while.
You can surely tag/nominate me as well but I may take some time to upload a post on it.
P.S I would soon do all the tags and awards, it may take time but please bear with me

So, I’ll be back on 19th March 2021, i.e. Friday.

I don’t know why I quoted this?

This was a really short and upsetting post, but I promise I’d be back with something better on 19th March!

Till then,

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  1. Oh, tis very sad. I just found your blog (recommended to me by a friend) and I was looking forward to see what posts you’d do. Good luck with your exams though!

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